[#into16] Wake-Up Call

They say that things happen in the blink of an eye. They’re not wrong. But to capture those moments we never get to experience twice is the important part of living in a world that only goes faster, and more forward.



The Value of Silence

Learning about silence the hard way proved to be the most effective way to hit home with the reality that words do not always save the day.


Head Above Water

Nothing beats knowing you’re above water again, after a grueling tussle with the darkest of shadows.

Happy is too much of an understatement, but it’s a good place to start. Learning the definition of happiness takes time when you’ve been thrown into an indefinitely-dated slump. But for the love of everything good and true, I am glad I listened to the voice that told me I could get back up on my feet.

Right now, I am anchored on happiness with the help of a few things like chocolate and uplifting music, but I also attribute it to the little steps I’m taking to better myself, and finally at the fact that things are getting better. I am learning not to be anxious about tomorrow, because my system automatically thinks of the worst possible thing that could happen after a beautiful and perfectly memorable situation has occurred. I am unlearning this, and I’ll be glad when I’m free from it. Even now, I’m claiming it and looking forward to the freedom that peace brings.

I’m absolutely thankful for every single surprise that the Lord bestows upon me, just to keep me grounded on His promise of joy. Everything is coming together, and despite a rocky, displeasing, and depressing month that I had to go through, I believe this time around it’s going to get better and better. There are always good things ahead.




Open Spaces

Ironic how you ask for breathing room,

yet end up wanting open spaces.

Along the lines of a map,

your footsteps trace the broken road.


Lost in the eyes of travelers,

you sympathize with them

as they seek and search,

the addiction unending.


No one stays long,

no sunset is kept at bay

when you lose the time

drawing close to paradise.


I breathe in the air

and exhale the postcards

I want to send back home

into your waiting palms.


Polaroids stuck on the wall

remind you of the places

your soul leaves traces behind,

longing to return.



“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.” — Rumi


Of Glazed Doughnuts and Small Talks

Today, I was reminded once again of how it might feel to have a sister. Or in a sense, reminding me to enjoy the company I have with the non-biological sister I had been blessed with. I am brimming with happiness at all of the little things that affirm it, and it’s days like these I am most thankful for your patience and your overwhelming sisterly love.


Overflowing Joy

There is an unexplainable welling-up of my spirit, for reasons God only knows. The best thing about this is that it is contagious, and I couldn’t care less about all the negativity going on around me.
I learned and clearly remember that the difference between joy and happiness is that the former is dependent on God, and the latter is dependent on your circumstance. Joy remains regardless of what goes right or wrong in your life.

When you let joy minister to your life, you will find that God will speak to you much louder. When you extend patience to other people even if they are difficult to deal with, you will see that you are receiving more revelations. This is how He extends His grace upon us and upon others.

When light touches others, it enables them to see hope amidst everything they’re facing. When you give others a reason to be curious about your consistent faith despite the world falling apart, you will give them a reason to know the source of your joy – Jesus.