World Suicide Prevention Day

[World Suicide Prevention Day]

Today, September 10th, is World Suicide Prevention Day.

And I’m sitting here thinking, “What did my status updates do to help?” Prevention Week happened the whole week last week, and I believe raising awareness helps, but it’s definitely not the end of it.
I’ve come to know about TWLOHA – the whole cause, two years back more or less, and the advocacy never really stuck up until I had encountered individuals who were the subject of the cause. It broke my heart and burdened me. It grew on me over the past year and few months, and I’ve been praying about it. I find myself encountering people with issues related to depression, and I do believe it’s neither accident nor coincidence that I am the one that gets to talk to them. God is using me to be able to reach them, and channel His love towards them. Petty my efforts may seem, I know that it is purely God who will ultimately move them and touch their hearts.

I want to be able to impact these precious people in a different way, not just by my words. I don’t want distance to become a hindrance, that I won’t be able to properly minister to them and encourage them, but instead I want it to be a motivation. I will reach out to them, and I will be able to let them know that they are loved, no matter what they’re going through, however difficult they think life is. I just want to be able to give them a hug, and let them know that God is always embracing them, keeping them in His arms. He wants them to know that they are precious, and suicide is not worth it.

Everyone who is struggling with depression and self-harm have their stories to tell, fingers to point, and tears to cry. It’s understandable. But it shouldn’t be tolerated. I mean, could you imagine leaving these fragile beings alone? No. They deserve to know their worth and purpose. And that’s what I want to do.

# Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with TWLOHA or any related groups. I am but an advocate. I have freely written this without their asking, and I am not using them to promote my blog.