I Like to Keep It That Way

Is it stupid to keep things that are ordinarily trivial, or mundane that others would not hesitate to dispose of or delete after its purpose has been served?




“…very strange or unusual : having the quality of a dream” are two of the many definitions of the word Surreal. Though it may not connote the very best of things as compared to the word “special,” this word is apt enough, because it touches not upon the emotions, but the mind. Calling something surreal is looking at the line between “fact and fantasy” wherein it may be too good to be true, or intimidatingly unreal.


Letters to Juliette

The letters kept pouring in for Juliette

Love letters by the dozen

In pink, parchment, and crumpled envelopes

Sealed with high hopes, waiting to be opened, waiting to speak up.


But they weren’t letters of anguished love,

Not in need of advice or consolation,

Rather they were letters of admiration and awe,

For Juliette had given them light.


Every single one had something to say

About Juliette’s hair, or the way she spoke,

and even her presence

Evoked a thousand and one words that still do not suffice.


Fair maiden, why do you attract throngs of well-wishers, of hopefuls, of subtle cowards?

What is there that ignites a fire of eloquence, of stammering, and fleeting bravery?

You are a shining light, and enigma, a flame so unattainable

So let no one dampen your bright eyes and pure heart.


Juliette, don’t let them sway you with their honey-sweet words,

or the ink-blotched promises scrawled on paper, oh so easily burned up,

but leave instead the letters where they belong:

in a trunk up in the attic.



Overflowing Joy

There is an unexplainable welling-up of my spirit, for reasons God only knows. The best thing about this is that it is contagious, and I couldn’t care less about all the negativity going on around me.
I learned and clearly remember that the difference between joy and happiness is that the former is dependent on God, and the latter is dependent on your circumstance. Joy remains regardless of what goes right or wrong in your life.

When you let joy minister to your life, you will find that God will speak to you much louder. When you extend patience to other people even if they are difficult to deal with, you will see that you are receiving more revelations. This is how He extends His grace upon us and upon others.

When light touches others, it enables them to see hope amidst everything they’re facing. When you give others a reason to be curious about your consistent faith despite the world falling apart, you will give them a reason to know the source of your joy – Jesus.