After two years of being partly off the grid, the aesthetically-pleasing music makers from Caffeine and Taurine are back with a stronger kick ㅡ thanks to their new release, and the new additions to the band: Anthony Abitona on bass, and Joshuel Bautista on the keyboard. The two, along with CAT pillars Brandon Garcia who is now on synths and vocals, Nath Pelareja on drums, and Daniel Ching on guitar and vocals have returned with a fresh track that marks their return to the local music scene.



A Dose of Caffeine and Taurine

Ends EP Album Cover  (c) John Lawrence Canto

Ends EP Album Cover (c) John Lawrence Canto

The Philippine music industry is getting a fresh new taste in the form of four-piece electropop/indie band Caffeine and Taurine.


Inhaling Evenings

The Paper Kites idly playing in the background

fresh, floral air to inhale – and to exhale

but I wish it never ended

it was so still and so quiet

I could hear your pulse

the evening was full of pointlessness:

pointless people pointless chatter pointless ideas

and yet I wanted to stay awake

to stay

no you wanted to stay

scents gripped the air tightly

and the night went on by

The Paper Kites album continued on

in high hopes of making you dance

but it lulled you to sleep instead.



[NP#7] 2013 Downpour

I haven’t done a playlist post in a long time, and right now’s a good time. There’s a big storm out, and although I’m not exactly worried for my family and myself – I know by God’s grace we are safe, I’m worried for those elsewhere, and who are more affected by the storm than we are.

Also, the playlist was triggered once again by my current on-shuffle iTunes playlist. There are new tracks on here, so you’ll be a bit updated with what I have on now.

The top three songs are my most played this time around. I don’t know why, but I love to play these songs in good weather, in bad weather, when I’m being “bipolar,” or whenever I’ve nothing else to listen to – these top three songs are my turn-to tracks.

1. Lorde -Royals

2. Sara Bareilles – Gravity

3. Ariana Grande – Almost is Never Enough ft. Nathan Sykes

4. AJ Rafael – She Was Mine

5. Mario Vazquez – Gallery

6. Maroon 5 – Beautiful Goodbye

7. Loraine – Hello, Morning