I Forget.

I forget that I am saved.

I forget that I am a masterpiece.

I forget that I am capable.

I forget that I am valuable.

I forget that I am free.


I am free to live.

I am free to learn.

I am free to speak up.

I am free to express myself.


I forget that I am free to use my talent to let the world know of the unfathomable love that my Savior has given me so freely.


I forget many things; trivial and vital.

I forget not on purpose.

I forget, and it isn’t good.

But when God forgets, it’s okay.

He forgets my sin.

He forgets my failures.

He forgets my transgressions.

He forgets my rebellion.

He forgets my hate.

He forgets my anger.

He forgets my punishment.

He forgets. Continuously.


But I forget to ask Him for forgiveness.



There are all too many things I forget, but at least I never forget that He loves me, and will continue to do so, even when I’ve completely forgotten about it all.






Thank you to my dear friend and mentor, Lara, for reminding me of my writing, reminding me of my identity in Christ, of reminding me of what I used to do, and what I can do. Thank you for reminding me of His Love.


Hand-Me Downs

When you minister to other people, you think God will only use you as an instrument to get His message across to the other person. But I was proven otherwise with my dose of a “second-hand” learning experience from the Lord.


Can I Stay Here Forever With You?

“Through forgotten convictions
Misplaced affections
I’m losing the sound of Your voice
I’ve been chasing after emptiness
Trying to tidy up this mess
I swear I’ve been down this road before
I want to get back to where it all began
When I would long for only You”

I don’t know how I managed to lose my way when I started out so strong this year. My only consolation for this is that there are bigger obstacles and newer challenges because I am leveling up. But it doesn’t negate the fact that I have been distracted and things have become superficial and ultimately routine. So many instances have I been patching it all up with futile efforts and seemingly helpful self-encouragement, but all of these things did not provide a lasting relief. I know and acknowledge the situation I have been in, and all I desire is to go back to Your heart.


Overflowing Joy

There is an unexplainable welling-up of my spirit, for reasons God only knows. The best thing about this is that it is contagious, and I couldn’t care less about all the negativity going on around me.
I learned and clearly remember that the difference between joy and happiness is that the former is dependent on God, and the latter is dependent on your circumstance. Joy remains regardless of what goes right or wrong in your life.

When you let joy minister to your life, you will find that God will speak to you much louder. When you extend patience to other people even if they are difficult to deal with, you will see that you are receiving more revelations. This is how He extends His grace upon us and upon others.

When light touches others, it enables them to see hope amidst everything they’re facing. When you give others a reason to be curious about your consistent faith despite the world falling apart, you will give them a reason to know the source of your joy – Jesus.

True Tears

“Jesus wept.” – John 11:35

I realized that this is quite possibly the shortest, not to mention one of the most powerful verses in the Bible. This vulnerability opens us up to Jesus’ character, all gleamed from two simple words. I found a beautiful rhema to it:

1. Jesus was a TRUE FRIEND – first and foremost, He cried at his dear friend’s passing; He loved Lazarus, Mary, and Martha dearly.

2. Jesus was a TRUE HUMAN – Jesus cried. He mourned, and was not reluctant to show His emotions to everyone. He let Himself express what He was really feeling.

3. Jesus was TRUE IN HIS FAITH – He did not end His weeping without doing anything. He was overcome with compassion and love, and He called out to the Father above to do a miracle and raise Lazarus from death.

When Jesus loves, He loves genuinely and sincerely. Because He is a True Friend, He will not let anyone suffer without being given hope. Because He is a True Human (apart from being True God), He understands what we are going through, no exceptions. Jesus had to feel physical, emotional and spiritual pain the way we do. Because He is true in His faith, nothing was impossible, not even death was to stand in His way. Jesus would go lengths for you, as He already did on the cross 2000 years ago. Where else would you find someone as true as Jesus?

When You Throw it Back

You know when you’ve grown up with something and you tell yourself that you’re never going to part with it? Like a security blanket you’ve had for years and still keep beside you when you sleep? What about a place so near and dear to you, you keep coming back to it, and consider it a second home? Or even people you whom you consider to be the best friends ever, that despite no blood-relation, you’re definite that they are family? All of these things tug at heartstrings so sensitive, that when the slightest memory of it is triggered, you’re all in shambles trying to pick up your sensibility.


[World Suicide Prevention Day]

Today, September 10th, is World Suicide Prevention Day.

And I’m sitting here thinking, “What did my status updates do to help?” Prevention Week happened the whole week last week, and I believe raising awareness helps, but it’s definitely not the end of it.
I’ve come to know about TWLOHA – the whole cause, two years back more or less, and the advocacy never really stuck up until I had encountered individuals who were the subject of the cause. It broke my heart and burdened me. It grew on me over the past year and few months, and I’ve been praying about it. I find myself encountering people with issues related to depression, and I do believe it’s neither accident nor coincidence that I am the one that gets to talk to them. God is using me to be able to reach them, and channel His love towards them. Petty my efforts may seem, I know that it is purely God who will ultimately move them and touch their hearts.

I want to be able to impact these precious people in a different way, not just by my words. I don’t want distance to become a hindrance, that I won’t be able to properly minister to them and encourage them, but instead I want it to be a motivation. I will reach out to them, and I will be able to let them know that they are loved, no matter what they’re going through, however difficult they think life is. I just want to be able to give them a hug, and let them know that God is always embracing them, keeping them in His arms. He wants them to know that they are precious, and suicide is not worth it.

Everyone who is struggling with depression and self-harm have their stories to tell, fingers to point, and tears to cry. It’s understandable. But it shouldn’t be tolerated. I mean, could you imagine leaving these fragile beings alone? No. They deserve to know their worth and purpose. And that’s what I want to do.

# Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with TWLOHA or any related groups. I am but an advocate. I have freely written this without their asking, and I am not using them to promote my blog.