After two years of being partly off the grid, the aesthetically-pleasing music makers from Caffeine and Taurine are back with a stronger kick ㅡ thanks to their new release, and the new additions to the band: Anthony Abitona on bass, and Joshuel Bautista on the keyboard. The two, along with CAT pillars Brandon Garcia who is now on synths and vocals, Nath Pelareja on drums, and Daniel Ching on guitar and vocals have returned with a fresh track that marks their return to the local music scene.

“Keep Dancing” is a track that is signature CAT in its style and sound. Garcia quips, “The inspiration to this song is our comeback as Caffeine and Taurine, we wanted to make a sequel of Put the Glass Down.” So it’s no surprise if it unconsciously brings you back to the catchy bop that the band came out with in 2015.

As is normal for musicians, a creative slump was inevitable; it took a while for band to come back with new music, they played various gigs spearheaded by ILUSTRADOS, and at many other events to anchor their presence in the local music scene. All the while, CAT had been preparing new music, occasionally teasing about content they were brewing in the studio. Initially, Garcia’s writing rut almost led them into a dead end, but Daniel Ching’s idea of a “PTGD sequel” prompted the birth of Keep Dancing.

The addition of the two members Anthony and Joshuel was a “weight lifted off of their shoulders,” because now they could focus better. Pelareja insisted on finding a bassist so that Garcia could focus on playing the synths and singing since he was not as confident in multitasking the bass and vocals. With their hands less tied, CAT was able to produce with a little more ease.

The band released Keep Dancing at their comeback gig “The Cat is Out of the Bag” at Route 196 last April 29, where they played as a five-member band for the first time.


Keep Dancing lives up to it being a sequel to Put the Glass Down but it stands on its own. CAT’s signature sound flows through the song, peppered with the band’s musical influences in electronic pop/rock that give it a sophisticated vibe. It’s enough to keep you listening on loop, and as much of a weekend-vibe as it is, Keep Dancing is perfect any time of day – sober or otherwise.  Lyrically, listeners can easily connect this to PTGD without having to think of it as a rip-off. Keep Dancing is a fresh perspective to a club party; Instead of drinks, it’s the dance floor.

As the hook goes,

Keep dancing, don’t you ever stop

and it becomes somewhat of a party mantra, but in hindsight it may very well be Caffeine and Taurine’s self-motivation: it doesn’t matter that you paused for a while, but now that you’ve come back, it’s time to keep going.

Caffeine and Taurine is re-establishing their music, and this song heralds their strong return. So expect more content from the electropop five-piece in the near future, but in the meantime, stream Keep Dancing, it’s available on Spotify, and uploaded on both the band’s Youtube and Facebook pages.


[SPOTIFY] Keep Dancing



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