The Five People You Meet (SUITS Version)


If in this world, you are like me and you see yourself as the Mike Ross in this Pearson-Specter world, then you should remember these five people you meet.

They will either make you or break you, so you better learn how to read people and understand their roles in your life.

You will encounter success, heartbreak, failure, promotion, happiness, and even hopelessness, which all serves a purpose in the long run – and so do these people.

These are the kinds of people who will hammer you into a worthwhile individual – but you still have the final say what you become: a masterpiece, or a failure.

  1. The Harvey – this person will become your mentor, your toughest critic, but will be loyal to you for as long as you live.

    Your Harvey will be the voice of reason even when it sounds unreasonable, and will always tell you everything out of their own experience; although it may take a while to see from beyond your pride, you will eventually appreciate their berating and teaching. They show you tough love, not because they can’t show you affection, but because you need this kind of love in your life. They will not coddle you or kiss your bruises, but they will lift you up in the more important ways.

    Your Harvey will throw you into the water to teach you how to swim, but will always just be right beside you when you drown. They will never let you down, but all they ask of you is that you learn for your own good, and be better.

    They want you to be able to think on your feet, and they will never take no for an answer; you can never quit, because they will never give up on you.

  2. The Rachel – is someone you’ve met that has had an initial impact on your life but you’ve only admired them from afar. Alongside your Harvey, they are your life support and your partner in excellence. They are always reliable, and will care for you openly, but they will sometimes instill firm discipline when they know you are going overboard.

    They will be your companion outside of work/profession, and will be that unlikely person whom you will know intimately. They will be the voice of reason, but they will depend on you as well to support them. Because they value you, they find your opinion important – so if you hurt them, they will take it personally. But they are logical, and they will realize that hurt will not end your relationship with them, but rather will grow because of them.

    Appreciate and respect them, because they will go lengths for you. They will love you despite your flaws, because they are not judgmental.

  3. The Trevor/Jenny – you may have a deeply-rooted relationship or a long history with them, they might have been your friends since you were five, or when you were in high school, but these are people whom you never would have suspected to have a dark side.

    Because you’ve known them for so long, and have had interconnected lives, you think you know them inside out. You give them your full trust, but they strike you like a snake unexpectedly. Because you’ve shown vulnerability, they will take advantage of you, and you won’t ever see it coming. They are anchors and will always try to pull you down with guilt, or will remind you that you owe them.
    They might be difficult to detach from, because of every moment you have spent, and milestone you have celebrated together.

    Although these relationships don’t end well, you will learn to understand that they are important in your life: they are important lessons that you should never forget. Even if they don’t stay for your successes or your ventures, they are part of the drive that led you to pursue excellence. They should never be the cause of your destruction, emotionally or otherwise. Mourn for them because they broke your heart, but also thank them for the revelations you’ve received during recovery. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    It’s okay. Let them go.

    Yes, they are important to you because of the memories you have shared together, but they are not healthy for you, unfortunately.

    Remember them for the lessons they taught you: about hurt, about life, about reality, and about restarting.

  4. The Donna – they are the indispensable ones, whom you might never be able to fully repay for their kindness, their genius, their wit, and their comfort, but they will never stop caring for you. They will be the softer voice of your Harvey, but they are not an accessory. They are an entity on their own, independent to make their voices known, and they are always right about everything. They too, act on experience, but also on intuition. If they know you are headed for trouble, they will tell you straightforwardly, but all out of love.

    They will not take your side if they know you are at fault, and they will tell you to step up and take responsibility for your actions.

    Your Donna will be a motherly figure or an older sister of sorts, and they will be reachable because it is you. They care for you, and they take pride in knowing that their innate ability to sense error, fear, or secrets will help set you free.

    Listen to them, and learn what they love, too. Gratitude goes a long way.

    They are also your second run-to, if in case your Harvey is not around. They offer just as good comfort and counsel, and they will have a distinct way of getting you back up on your feet. They keep you grounded, and remind you of who you were before they helped you settle in. Loyalty is important to them, as with honesty.

  5. The Louis – from Day One, they are the devious serpents who will keep setting up traps for you. One, because their ego feeds on humiliating someone who has potential. Two, because they want to test you for who you really are and what you are capable of.

    They are indecisive, highly-emotional, toxic, and impulsive which make them dangerous. If you cannot be an example, be a warning.

    They mean well only when they need you for something, often for their personal advancement. Learn to treat these people with caution, and with higher understanding. These people act upon what they think is right to them, or what they are accustomed to. They might be acting a certain way as well because of past trauma, or an experience they have brought with them to their present age, so act in kindness, but do not be gullible.

    Never waste your time falling for their same tricks, and be wary of the way they treat you when you have just accomplished something.

    Do not fight fire with fire, but kill them with kindness instead.

    Bonus: The Scottie – They’re your one-hit wonder, your rollercoaster in life. There’s love and hate, because you compete against each other yet still have respect for one another. Although your ego hates to admit it, they’re only there for your comfort, and even though you tell yourself they mean a lot to you, there’s a chance that they won’t stay for long. You won’t ever forget your Scotty, because you’d swim oceans for them, and drop everything for them. So even when they leave, they’ll always be in your memory.



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