A Dose of Caffeine and Taurine

Ends EP Album Cover  (c) John Lawrence Canto

Ends EP Album Cover (c) John Lawrence Canto

The Philippine music industry is getting a fresh new taste in the form of four-piece electropop/indie band Caffeine and Taurine.

Composing of Geoff Mabasa (Synths, Vocals), Brandon Garcia (Bass, Vocals), Nath Pelareja (Drums), and Daniel Ching (Guitars, Vocals), Caffeine and Taurine are beginning their ascent into the ring of popularity with their newly released EP “Ends” which they launched just over the weekend on the 28th of March at Area 05 Superclub, Tomas Morato.

Ends EP contains four tracks that sample the genre and musicality of the band, a perfect showcase of what they’re bringing to the table. While Electropop is becoming a popular genre in the Philippines brought to us by mostly foreign artists (i.e. Zedd, Disclosure), Caffeine and Taurine brings a distinctly international sound to the public that will benchmark their 2015 debut in the local market.

The first track or Prologue off of the EP entitled “Dylan, Alive in Slumber” opens strongly in its beat, and progresses into a synthesized monologue that draws the line between eerie and entrancing. While it showcases more of the band’s instrumentals, the prologue stands for what it is – a preview of the entirety of the contents – keeping you curious and wanting more.

The following track quickly shifts the brooding mood into a more upbeat one. Entitled “When the Sun Dies Out,” this electropop track features a funky melody and a strong guitar track that creates a somewhat cheerful impression. But a closer listen to the lyrics trigger your emotions. Take a look at an excerpt of the lyrics below:

The colors of your eyes, your hands holding mine

I just can’t forget the best things in my life. 

[Now] when the sun dies out will you be the light?

When my heartbeat stops, will you be my life?

If I leave you here, will you wait for me?

Until I’m old and gray, do you promise to stay? 

Caffeine and Taurine has also included an acoustic version to “When the Sun Dies Out,” which is the last track off of the EP. In this version, a heavy piano melody liberate the heart-wrenching lyrics, thus further emphasizing the vocal prowess that’s usually masked by synths.

Finally, “Put the Glass Down,” which is third on the tracklist, was the first single to be released off of the band’s Youtube account and shared onto social media. The song hints a flavor of The Strokes, Artic Monkeys, and She’s Only Sixteen all rolled into four minutes. While there is probably nothing sexier than a drum roll and keyboard synth intro – the vocals are an exception to the rule. But sexier still are the lyrics, perfect in an ambient club while you party with your friends, or while you’re home on the weekend, stargazing out on your balcony eating a pint of ice cream. Bottom line, the song goes well with anything, any time of day.

And I saw you in this crowded room,

Darling you got wasted so soon,

I know what you’re doing with the soft sound you’re giving,

Let’s get the hell outta here,

Young and Careless,

Wild and Fearless,

Tomorrow’s hungover you’ll never remember

Here’s the audio track for your listening experience:

Caffeine and Taurine’s extended play is quite the teaser for this hopeful band. Ends EP is roughly fifteen minutes short, which keeps you looping the songs over and over, be it on continuous play or shuffle, the progression of the tracks work either way. If you’re looking for a companion to brighten up your evening, Ends provides the perfect background. The blend of easy-listening vocals with just the right instruments give you four tracks to choose from, all of which are nothing short of earcandy.

Caffeine and Taurine are well on their way to establishing their name in the music industry in the electropop/indie scene with their fresh tracks (and if I may personally add, extremely appealing band members with undeniable talent).

Watch out for their gigs and releases, all of which are announced on their FB page, and individual social media accounts.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CaffeineTaurine

(Some of the article details taken from their FB page)


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