I Like to Keep It That Way

Is it stupid to keep things that are ordinarily trivial, or mundane that others would not hesitate to dispose of or delete after its purpose has been served?

Just like what I’ve learned in my Humanities class today, the value of something increases or decreases according to the consumer of the object/art. I’d like to call the things I keep “art,” because by definition they are man-made, they are an expression of something, and it’s something I see around me. These “petty” things include text messages, restaurant receipts, bottle caps, etc. Possibly attributed to my being somewhat of a pack-rat, and maybe my automatic attachment for things that I deem to have sentimental value, I tend to keep many things that allow me to keep track of what’s happened. This is also because I don’t have the most impeccable memory, that I tend to forget that things have happened – and yet the bizarre thing is that I do remember most of the bad days over the good ones. This might explain why I keep “pieces” of good days with me – as mentioned above – to drown out the bad days.

I keep tangible memories because I know I can always replay them in my head, and that it is concrete proof that such a day has occurred. The downside to this is that I know most of the good days can never be repeated, and so I treat these little objects with as much value as I do with those days spent in good company.




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