A Two-Hit Epiphany

Egg Toasts

Who knew making breakfast could be so anecdotal? I’m sitting here nibbling at the remainder of the bread made out of curiosity and cheese, and suddenly I’m full of ideas waiting to be made into a coherent thought.

Adventurous is what my sister is. Many people always are taken aback when they find out how much of a risk-taker, a daredevil, and a strong woman she is. Despite giving off a gentle, reserved vibe at first impression, my sister is neither fragile nor fearful. Her personality is beyond me, and to be honest she can be braver than most guys I know – no offense.

And today was no exception to try out new things. Scrolling on the internet we saw this quirky idea involving toast and egg, and it seemed fun to do. Timely enough, it was breakfast and neither of us had eaten a proper meal. We tried it out and it turned out to be a success. ( I let slide the burnt edges – there’s always a first time for everything, yes?)

I had the “privilege” of finishing the toast, which by the way, was totally a convenient and quick energy boost for busybodies. The morning experiment turned out to be more than just making breakfast, but a treat for both of us. You won’t get it perfect the first try, but that’s very reason that you keep on trying. You learn to improvise, you learn to be patient with things, you learn how things work. It’s exactly like what my sister tells me about situations: You never say “you don’t know.” You figure it out.

All of those revelations in just a slice of bread and one sunny-side egg. There and then I knew it was going to be an interesting morning ahead of us.


Playing in the Rain

I was able to witness for the first time my sister playing in the rain today. I have not done that in my entire life, and the feat pretty much defined the line between the both of us. One is outgoing and adventurous, but still thinks on her feet; the other reluctant, seemingly brave, and but an appreciative spectator.

You know those picturesque scenarios of children whose ears perk up and eyes glaze at the hint of a downpour? I have never been witness to such up until this very morning. The loud, raging noise of rain seemed to incite an insurmountable rush of euphoria in my sister, who had been waiting weeks for a downpour to play in.

Growing up, I had always been told to stay out of the rain because I could catch a cold – which by the way, I could catch anywhere in my case. My immunity wasn’t stellar, but something had to be blamed right? The rain was always a convenient excuse. The bottom line is that I am boggled at the fact that people play in the rain when all my life I’ve been instructed otherwise. I guess I was missing half of my life.

Spectating from a dry distance, I slowly came to understand what playing in the rain was like, and there are three things I’d like to draw from it:

  1. Anybody and everybody can play in the rain – this being the first time I have seen my sister play in the rain, it was such an overwhelming and amusing sight for me. If you knew my sister, you’d be pretty in shock too. In a nutshell, this young woman is a seasoned leader – respected and in demand; she is an asset wherever she goes; she gets along with everybody and is just Miss Congeniality through and through; she is “tough but fair,” forgiving but not tolerating; behind that sunny, childlike disposition she is made of steel, and the strength she has is impeccable yet well-hidden. You get the picture, I assume. It’s hard to imagine some big time, indispensable figure turns into a six-year old who would do anything to play and get drenched in the rain.  It doesn’t matter though, whatever your position in life is, whatever career success you’ve achieved, you’re probably always going to want to go back to basics and find life’s joys in the simplest of things.


  1. Reason and sensibility are rendered void in this matter – Part of me had this strong urge to ask “Why do you want to play in the rain?” But I knew she wouldn’t be able to answer it, since it would be best experienced rather than explained. I didn’t have that chance, since I was not dressed for the occasion, and that I was holding a camera. Nevertheless, I saw how all sensibility was thrown out the window the moment my sister stepped out in the pouring rain. The way she was so insistent and hurried in wanting to catch the strong downpour, constantly telling me to quicken my pace to leave the house – gadgets plugged and all – just to do so. I had no regrets, to be honest. At one point it even made me want to get soaked, but I couldn’t risk the gadget getting wet. I ponder now, if I had nothing with me, would I have gone out to do so? Probably yes, and probably I wouldn’t even be analyzing things. It’s just one of those “do it” moments.


  1. Do what makes you happy whatever it may be – today was a win-win situation. I was able to take good pictures and witness an amusing sight, and my sister was able to finally satiate her craving for fun. The rain made both our days, for different reasons. From different perspectives I’m sure we would’ve wanted the other to step into our shoes. Happiness cannot be defined by just one person for it is relative. For the longest time my sister has been trying to convince me to try playing in the rain whenever possible, to which I willingly obliged. I guess today wasn’t the day, but I would like to experience what made her so ecstatic and radiantly happy for the whole day.


Things did not turn out according to our schedule, but we ended up having a satisfying day. I learned a lot from the rain, and I owe it all to my sister. I probably won’t look at downpours the same way ever again.




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