The Little Things

Maybe I’ll never get over the little things. Yes, the exact same little things, little quirks, little events that I have and experience on most days with mostly the same people. See, the thing is, I look at it as a whole different experience in itself.

Take watching a movie or series with my big sis for example. It’s routine for us to pack ourselves in with a good meal, and get comfy on the sofabed before indulging in a movie of choice – preferrably a RomCom, or whatever cheesy flick there is (cough Nicholas Sparks cough). It’s not the movie I’m in it for, it’s the company. That’s another thing I learned early from my sis. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be watching the same movie for the 45th time at the cinema, because if it’s with good friends, then you’re there for the fellowship. Now some of our friends are quite boggled by this logic, but  I’ve slowly come to understand this kind of thinking.

It takes a lot to sacrifice your time over something you’ve already seen or done, just for the sake of your friends or family. You risk getting bored or whatnot, because there is nothing new to you except for the company that you have. These little gestures are the biggest indicators of what kind of friends you have – the ones who will stick it out for you because you know they genuinely want to spend time with you.

I’ve only learned to appreciate the seemingly ordinary days because in my case they’re always the most memorable ones, and I owe it all to the spontaneity of the company I am with.

It’s the random conversations, the spontaneous shopping trips, the agreed-upon restaurant and its delectable food, the movie marathons at home, the mugs of white coffee, the knowing-looks-and-smirks-that-took-a-year-to-perfect, the “just one more episode,” or “one more serving,” or even “just one more round inside the department store.”

Quite a lot of little things have come my way, and as a result, they’re pretty much routine to me and I know them by heart. Nevertheless, I constantly anticipate the opportunity of a new day and see what it has in store for me. Sometimes I misjudge my aim and expect something far-fetched, but it always hits home at the end of the day. Despite not having things go exactly my way, I always am left with the most memorable of experiences. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.




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