“…very strange or unusual : having the quality of a dream” are two of the many definitions of the word Surreal. Though it may not connote the very best of things as compared to the word “special,” this word is apt enough, because it touches not upon the emotions, but the mind. Calling something surreal is looking at the line between “fact and fantasy” wherein it may be too good to be true, or intimidatingly unreal.

We affix the words “unique” or “special” to our names because it is a common definition for our personalities. But truth be told, I have not seen anyone define themselves as surreal. Why? It is probably out of context to call yourself surreal. One does not want people to think that they are bizarre or strange, given society’s perception of things outside of the stereotype. Plus, the word strange is not an aesthetically pleasing word just as surreal is nothing short of subtle dissing.

To call yourself surreal is establishing an identity deviant from the norms of society and the dullness of everyday routine. To call yourself surreal is to question the usual and the ordinary. To take the risk of separating yourself from the rest of the populace requires not just a leap of blind faith, but a firm conviction that you will stick to it. In other words, it is not just for show.

You choose not to conform maybe because your daily doldrums have shackled you from achieving the fullness of your capacity. More often than not, routines tend to kill the dreamers in us, the creativity that we all have inside. To be put in a state of repetition is brainwashing the uniqueness of an individual.

A dream-like quality of things entails something attainable only in our subconscious, where nothing is subject to the rules of science, of logic, and of empiricism. But realize that dreams are the beginning of many successful realities. Without dreams, there is no propagation of hard work and motivation. You are driven by something seemingly impossible, and the rush of challenging the rules and its limits excite us.

To become surreal is to find yourself situated between reality and fantasy – that you are indeed meant for the impossible, for things out-of-the-ordinary yet attainable all the same. Choosing to think that anything can be done is a statement of breaking the walls of fear, failure, and doubt.

Non-conformity brings you out of the dark, and the fine line between reality and dreams is where you stand. You believe you can impact this world fueled by dreams that color in and bring life to reality.





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