To My Sister


You are 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 personified, you should know that by now. I’ve pointed out seven things I’m most thankful for about you:

  1. Ministry – for being my discipler and my leader, thank you for letting me learn from you and your testimonies. Thank you for being my Sunday School mentor, for showing me the ropes when it comes to handling kids and getting all the preparations in between done with perfection, excellence, and love. Thank you for being God’s instrument in realigning myself with my priorities and my direction. Thank you for being part of my fuel to pursue the kids’ ministry. I always told myself that I would strive to be like my Sunday School teachers, the ones who helped me find Jesus and made my adventure with Him more fun and understandable.
  2. Discipline & Rebuke – For never letting my bad attitudes and habits slip past without rebuke, thank you. Kahit feel ko napapagod ka nang paulit-ulit akong pagsabihan, your patience always rises above. Thank you for taking care of me this way. Thank you kasi ine-explain mo kung bakit mo ako pinagsasabihan, and the consequences of my actions. Your rebuke is always a welcome thing.  Thank you also for being soooooooooo forgiving. #YouAlready
  3. Love Language – For letting me indulge in my love languages, thank you! Ikaw na lang palagi. Sorry and thank you. Ikaw na talaga may pinakamataas na level of understanding sa buong mundo. For my annoying clinginess that you have to endure all the time, you deserve an award. Pero beyond knowing my LLs, ikaw din ata yung person who knows me best, even better than myself, no lie.
  4. Real World – This is probably the thing I have the most difficulty understanding, pero pino-process ko naman na. Thank you for showing me that the world will not always be on my side, and will not be in my favor. I know and trust your words about the real world because you have experienced a lot from it. Thank you for not scaring me (???) with it, but telling me to be more responsible.
  5. Talks – Our “talks” are more often than not one-sided, with me doing much of the listening, but I cannot tell you enough how I love just sitting there wanting to listen to you all day. It isn’t just the stories I like listening to, but the wisdom at how you deal with your situations. I like listening to you talk because of the way you tell stories. I learn to listen and understand when you talk. It has me yielding my right to talk or interrupt. I like it when you just randomly start sharing. Thanks for trusting me and letting me in on your awesome life. I. love. our. talks. 5ever. 🙂
  6. Time – Hindi naman in order ‘tong list ko, pero ito dapat yung number one. Ito talaga. I don’t know how else I’m supposed to be thankful for this, kasi alam ko abuso na nga ako eh. Pero thank you. I am extremely grateful for the time we spend. Thank you pag nagpapa-sama ako/kami lumabas (yes parents, hindi naman si Ate yung nag-aaya, kami actually. hehe. Chaperone siya, hindi proponent.) Thank you for taking time to answer messages, to hang out, to eat together, to watch movies, to hear me complain, and whatever else requires time from you. I hope you understand why I love spending time with you.
  7. Appreciation – sobrang milestone sa akin when I first got a “good job” or something along those lines from you. You are so appreciative of things and people, but I hope you also know and see that I appreciate you even more than you could ever imagine! Sa lahat ng ginagawa mo for the church, the ministry, the people around you, and for me, grabe. You are underappreciated vocally, I guess, kaya tatadtarin ko ang Social Media just to show you how much I appreciate you.  Kita mo naman yung tumblog, yun palang solve na. HAHA. Thank you for helping me grow spiritually and helping me learn to deal with big, new, and scary things.

Just because I’m better in writing doesn’t give me the excuse not to put things into action, BUT this is the most eloquent way I can show you so I hope you understand. I thank God all the time for you, for being such a sister to me. #Unli You’ve heard it a million times, but just so you won’t forget kasi that I am in fact the president of your fanclub. But seriously though, you know naman na. I got your back yo, don’t forget. If you ever need anyone to buy you your Coffee or Nova, or you need someone to practice cajon (drums soon) with, or if you need a kasama mag-mall, I am always on call! (♪You just call out my naaaameeee, and you know, wherever I am, I’ll come runniiinggg ♫)

May the Lord speak to you louder, through new experiences and people so that you may fulfill your God-given destiny.  May He speak to you in new ways that you will be able to share Him to many more souls. May He bless you with your disciples too. (: I love you to the moon and back Ate Miha!!!!

Happy 30th birthday ♥




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