Hand-Me Downs

When you minister to other people, you think God will only use you as an instrument to get His message across to the other person. But I was proven otherwise with my dose of a “second-hand” learning experience from the Lord.

I had intended to share 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 for a whole week to a friend celebrating her birthday this April. By reading and re-reading the “Love Is…” verses over and over in different versions, I thought I was able to reflect enough about its implications and the possible message imparting. In the midst of all of my writing, rhema, and analogies for my friend, I was surprised to realize that God had been showing me something as well.

His revelations are not limited to the Bible – the raw breath of God – but it is also through other people that He shows you what He wants you to. Even though 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 was not what I needed right now, God was able to show me exactly what I did need, and that was a change in perspective, an attitude adjustment, and a humbling experience. To see God’s Word manifest in the physical, in a person, right before your very eyes is absolutely surreal. The glory of God shines in front of you, just like Peter reacting to the Transfiguration and seeing Moses and Elijah together with the Son of God.

By ministering to my friend about how the verses reflected her life, I was able to learn and see for myself that God’s promises are fulfilled in the most creative of ways, and in the most practical of ways. I saw how my friend had the radiance of the following verses in her life, and I was able to see God’s Love in the most understandable of ways – in action.

Beyond the desires of an extremely supernatural movement from God, like the literal moving of mountains, finding Him in the most intimate of situations is quite possibly the most humbling thing to experience as a child of God.

When God uses you to reach out to people, do not neglect the possibility that He will most likely be speaking to you as well.






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