[T-03D] 23 THINGS THAT OUGHT TO CHANGE: A New Year’s Realization

A year can go by with you noticing everyone else’s specks in the eye, but you can go without noticing the log in yours. This year has been a conscious year with regards to myself and how I act around other people and my behavior. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, so this is just a realization I’ve had, and maybe you could learn from it too. I believe that the best is yet to come in 2014. Another year to start things right, and be consistent; there’s always room for change, and it’s never too late.

  1. Pride sucks life out of you, and it seeps into everything if you let it do so.
  2. Just because something’s on sale doesn’t mean you should get it. (Things to avoid: Impulse Buying, because Buyer’s Remorse is more painful to deal with.)
  3. Finish what you start: Blog posts, Graphic Projects, Sentences, and your food!
  4. Pessimism is a soulless, bottomless pit.
  5. You are neither perfect nor the center of the universe.
  6. Soda everyday won’t bring you a day closer to a 100 years old.
  7. “I Don’t Know” is the wrong answer.
  8. Having a Yes Face does not necessitate stacking priorities. You cannot do everything at once. You might be mistaking this for multitasking.
  9. Loosen up; be lame; be a cheeseball once in a while.
  10. Allowing yourself to be offended is an offense. Yield that right.
  11. Quit being so paranoid.
  12. Watch what you say and post on Social Media.
  13. Headaches are caused by your stubbornness.
  14. Lay loose from the Naproxen, the Ibuprofen, the Tylenol, and other family members of such.
  15. Someone needs to learn how to properly use a coin bank. It’s one way until you fill it up. It isn’t a Cookie Jar.
  16. Stop saying “I love this (song/movie/show/person) to every single one that appears on TV or the Internet.
  17. Chill out.
  18. Being rude will get you nowhere.
  19. Do not tolerate your moodswings, let alone complement them with sad movies and songs.
  20. Opening the fridge every two minutes might not make you a little less hungry, but it will hurt the electric bill. Be considerate.
  21. Learn to verbalize all the beautiful things you write down on paper. 
  22. Never quit on people. You may not be the king, but you are a kingmaker.
  23. No grudges. Forgive, because you are forgiven.



Bring on the New Year!



cr: thepaperwall.com



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