[T-05D] Turns and Sidesteps

Every turn has its new path.

Believe me, this whole year that’s what I’ve been learning. Every decision you make leads you to a new turn, and more often than not when I get stuck in a rut, I find that my Saving Grace is always at the ready to put me  right back on track.

I’ve been, and still am grateful for the little things that make me smile and leave me contented, because that has been my prayer to the Lord for about a year or so now: that my day be capped off with His surprises, big or small, so that I will always go to bed with a smile on my face, knowing that God knows every bit of me, every little thing that piques my interest, and every moment that He knows I will treasure dearly.

I’ve walked on water one too many times to know that God will never leave you hanging, but He will only leave you in awe of what He can do. earn a gentle spiritual forehead slap whenever I waver or doubt Him and His movement in my life, but only after I am shamed and convicted, I am confident once again, knowing my God is alive. But whether I doubt or not, He is constant: He can and He will work wonders in my life because I am His child. That has been a wonderful reminder to me, and looking back at this past year, I can safely say that I’ve leveled up in my faith and in my discernment. I’ve gone through bigger challenges and trudged through rockier paths, crossing them aimlessly and impulsively, but the Lord always had my back and kept my feet from slipping. And whenever I did falter, there was always redemption.

I believe this year God chose to put me in certain situations so that I may know myself and help myself grow, before I go out to help other people – as I’ve been doing before. I’ve been such a “Yes” person that I’ve forgotten to help myself first. The rush, thrill, and joy I get at serving in ministry and doing this and that caused me to be in such a busy state that the fog did not clear up until I felt it seep through my bones in the form of physical fatigue and lethargy. He saved me, and He still saves me.




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