[T-06D] Musings Under Christmas Lights

It’s six days ’til the New Year, and I came to realize while walking around Eastwood earlier tonight at how many years have passed and yet there are things that stay the same. Flashes of memories from when we used to visit Eastwood when I was younger ran through my head as we walked around the familiar buildings, past the same restaurants, and open spaces reminded me of such times.

I visited the same places I used to go with my family, this time I went with friends and my brothers. Every experience is always different, but the feeling of warmth and contentment remains, especially if you’re with your loved ones. You take a good look at them and as you exchange smiles, stories, and laughter you realize how blessed you are to be surrounded by such good people, who couldn’t care less about an itinerary. Hours pass by without a care, as long as you’re in the company of each other.

Another year is yet to come, and more and more memories are waiting to be stored. There will be a million more opportunities for these, and every single one of them I will treasure. I love the little things, I love the small gestures, and I love every second spent with family and friends.




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