Dear God,

You know me best. And you know all too well that I am not brave, except when I’m writing – and that’s the only time. I cannot be brave without You.

Abba, You know that I’m trying to do my best and that I’m doing what it takes to level up. You know that I’m struggling with doing so, and in the process I’m becoming paranoid with every move I make because I want to please You. Help me remember that it’s okay to make mistakes and that I shouldn’t be pleasing anyone but You. Thank You for using people around me to rebuke me, to help me, and to humble me. I only pray that I don’t get caught up all the more with being so freaked out with every move I make. Give me Your peace and Your comfort, Your much needed words of encouragement, and reveal more of Your plan for my life. ┬áThank You God, and I pray that You constantly remind me that You are proud of me and that I am Your daughter; I will be able to do anything that You ask me to do, and everything I wish to do. I know You got my back. You always do. I just need to calm down. Hug, Abba! I love You!


Your Jesus freak of a daughter who has much to learn: Niki


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