Painting Mistakes

Another collab with Icia. She’s turning out to be an amazing poetry partner, I feel like we mesh with the way we write. We both write with distinct voices, yet it comes together in one piece.

But what would it take?

Another broken note, a falling step;

A pyramid of cards loosely built,

a sigh of relief could be the cause of death.

When the cascading apologies lie in a heap,

turn grey and somber – mere firewood

to fan the flames of false pacification

when sincerity doesn’t cut it.

When the winds die down to

soft whispers in the night.

Carrying the lonliest of lullabies

sighing the softest of goodbyes.

When memories are reduced to

crumbling photos of ash.

The lash of a tongue opening

unhealed scabs.

Tearing into flesh,

sinking into bone,

resting on an eyelash,

trembling on a cheek.


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