She Was Immovable

And in that single moment of stillness, she would’ve been infinite. Void of all the scars that clawed and stung, that dug deep – but not as deep as the Love that flowed in her.

What one would have mistaken as frailty was cloaked resilience. It was all quiet on the outside, but the storm brewed from within, as they all say.

Nobody knew what rang inside her head; she kept it all to herself. It wasn’t the selfish kind of hiding, but a reservation of showing it to the world because it wasn’t necessary.

Kept in the vaults of heavy duty smiles, numerous repetitions of “I’m okay”, and a complicated passcode of glazed eyes, there was no way to tell if vulnerability was a trait that she carried.

It takes time to see it through, until the opacity fades out and a mere smudge makes it acceptably translucent. Squinting, you might chance upon the ever-steady, glowing flame that is her heart.

Soon, she will leave naught but footprints, and will ask you not to weep for her. She will not be kept at bay for long, and the sunsets of the dying evils would be eclipsed and silenced once and for all.

No, there was nothing you could possibly do to extinguish her. Learn from her, and walk along,  as she leaves trails not of broken tears, but seeds of hope and a new start.



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