Dear Romeo

Why doesn’t anyone ever write to Romeo? Is it always to Juliet, just because she’s the woman? Because you think Romeo wouldn’t care about anything except heeding his hormones? I don’t think so. I bet Romeo would’ve been just as fine as Juliet would be to answer letters. Put aside the fact that they were under eighteen and probably knew nothing about the world, thinking that they were each other’s worlds. But hypothetically, what would it come out like if Romeo wrote a letter? Or if Romeo answered a letter?

What would people even tell him? It’s not like the girls can spill out their guts the same way they did to Juliet, right? It would probably fall upon Romeo the wrath and emotionally-driven rage of these young women, so I don’t think Romeo would even be able to open his mouth for a rebuttal, or even an apology of sorts. Would the guys write to Romeo? Hey, I know nothing about “bro codes” or unspoken guy rules, but would Romeo console guys the way regular guys would? Or would he be all, “I don’t know guys, I don’t think I can help you with your problems. See, I love Juliet, and that’s pretty much where my world revolves around.” Hell, Romeo could be giving you toddler advice for all we know.

This post sounds so feminist, I know! I’m not going to go nowhere near that line, because I’m not. It has just been stereotyped in my mind that Romeo and Juliet are a bunch of hormonal teenagers who seem to ignore the fact that there are other things apart from each other. Juliet’s just as simple-minded and young as Romeo is, but you know girls.  Exaggerated, emotional, and teary. I don’t blame them.

Bottomline, I guess nobody ever thought of writing to Romeo because that’s not how guys deal with things. No mushy, tear-stained, handwritten scrawls on crumpled cream sheets — none of that sappy crap.  They’d get together and console each other over booze, killing the night with realities, insults, and maybe even recommendations on some girl they met on their Caribbean holiday. Just guessing. Maybe, but not for all guys, perhaps.

It’d be nice to see what Romeo would have in mind for a reply though.


Capulet and Montague

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