An Open Letter.

Dear You,

You might never read this – unless I become undecided and fidgety enough to let you know that it’s for you – but for once, I hope I remain consistent with the nature of this post.

I will never come close to you and your standing, to your discipline and standards. I cannot imagine myself doing the very things you do, for the very reason that I do not possess the drive, the experience, and the heart that you have. Now, I’m not saying this to degrade myself or to gain pity, but I want to emphasize the awe and respect I have for you. Until I met you, I have never met anyone (outside of my relatives I give due respect to) who I gave all of my respect to.  I never find fault in all you do, because all of your words and movements are justified by your prior thinking. You’re always two steps ahead of everyone, and your decisions are always thoroughly pondered upon before execution, and are very much guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. I am confident enough to say this, because I know it to be so. It may be because you’re much older and yet you know how to perfectly connect to me that I find myself nodding yes – not because of blind submission, but because I know that you are correct. This is why I often find myself lost when I try to do things on my own, because I became so accustomed to your constant guidance and prodding. I will never be able to thank you enough, and I know I still struggle so much to fix myself according to your corrections, but know that I remember each one of them and I am trying my best. I believe you are an instrument of God, that He uses you to speak to me when I myself cannot hear Him. You’ve a long, long way to go, and yet godly wisdom just overflows from you. I will never be able to get over that, and I will always keep that in mind, because your example in living life is, I believe, one that God honors.  There aren’t many people like you – I’ve never met anyone else, so I don’t think my assumption counts, but all the same, the rarity of the personality and heart you possess should make all the more clear to the people who encounter you that you are there to make an imprint and influence their lives, the way you’ve done in mine, for the greater good of that person and more importantly for the glory of the Lord. And just to let you know, I learned only from you how to deal with things head-on, and not by running away, not by hiding the wrong, not by sitting quietly. I learned to be brave enough to face responsibilities, and the consequences of my faults. I don’t know how you did it, but I am able to resist the “flight” option that is very much instinctive in me. I could throw in a thousand more adjectives apt to describe you, but they wouldn’t mean anything. Without my descriptive narrations or tributes, people would still know that you are synonymous to everything excellent, and more.

I wrote this letter because I wanted to emphasize it, I want to constantly remind myself, and I want the world to know that there exists such a person. God is preparing you for the bigger things, I can sense it in my spirit. Your current condition is “underchallenging” for someone of your standing and capabilities. I look forward to the day when I can boast about you even more because you followed the Lord and you said yes to everything He asked you to do. By jove, would I throw a party when that happens.

Thank you for being one of the biggest blessings in my life. I love you.



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