Under the Glaring Moonlight

Luhan winced as his head throbbed in sync with his racing heartbeat. The past minutes were all a blur to him. He did not know how he lost his conscious function – whether from the surge of adrenaline or because of the beast inside of him. Either way, he had committed a very grave mistake. An accident that requires a sanction.

As he sat on the dusty, blood-smeared concrete floor that was battle ground earlier, he tried to collect his thoughts.


The Alliance will have my head for that. The ultimatum would be my banishment, and I’ve only just gained their trust. How could I be so careless to give into the petty taunts?

Luhan suddenly sat upright upon hearing a faint rustle. He pushed his clenched fists on the floor and forced himself up. A faint smell wafted in front of his nose. He’s here.

“So, Luhan. Pretty good job you did there, but you slipped, yes? Moving too quickly, I see.” The scaly, cold voice gave Luhan chills.

“I-I didn’t –”

“Shush. You don’t need to explain. Just make sure you fix this. I want that Alliance heart, do you understand?” Greed, contempt, and desire all dripped from the words.

The Alliance heart. If they had possession of the heart, the whole pack would be reduced to nothing. Luhan’s mind flashed back to his aimless attack on Kyungsoo. How easy it would have been to end it then and there, but he would be outnumbered. He also faintly sensed Jongin was onto him. He heard Jongin’s beast growling when he was nudged.

“Do your job, Luhan.” The finality of the command hung and cut through the musty air.


“I can’t!”

“You have to, Kyungsoo.”

“I don’t want to shift, I can recover from this, it’s just a small wound.” Kyungsoo said through gasping breaths.

“Look at you, you can’t even breathe.” Yixing pointed out calmly, his eyes locked on Kyungsoo’s agonized chest.

“Can’t you just do something about it, Yixing?” Chanyeol barked, worry filling him with every passing second.

Yixing shook his head. “I’ve already tried. That wound’s not a flesh wound. That’s obviously a feral gash. Just shift, Kyungsoo, and it’s going to heal much faster, or at least close the wound.

“I knew that Luhan was one of us.” Tao whispered audibly enough for the rest to hear. He was biding in his thoughts, secluded consciously, only speaking to them when he had to.

“No, he isn’t one of us. Something tells me he’s hiding something.” Kai spoke up.

Kris stood up from his seat in the corner of the room. They were all in Kyungsoo’s bedroom at the dormitory, with barely enough space for free movement. “No, I think he’s with us.”

They all turned their attention to Kris. He spoke with authority and finality, despite being the last to join the pack before Luhan, although the latter wasn’t really considered to be in the pack yet.

Kai’s cheek faintly twitched from the intensity of him clenching his jaw. He knew there was something wrong, but he had to submit to the Alpha.

“And you,” Kris gestured to Kyungsoo, “don’t shift. See how long you can hold it for.” The order alarmed the rest of the pack, but none of them objected. Their eyes fell on their pained brother, who was whimpering in pain.

Kris quietly left the room, leaving the rest of the group hanging.



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