City Lights, Rooftops, and Life

Now I sort of understand why K-drama characters love rooftops.

Very conducive for clearing your head, and the vast landscape is more than breathtaking to visually swallow in one sitting. You’ll always be able to see activity, simultaneous and bustling. 

My rooftop experience tonight was note-worthy.
The dancing lights under a dusk canopy plays calmly with your eyes, and you never know where to focus your attention on: will it be the blinking stars, or the steady tower lights – red and glaring, or even the intensified cluster of city lights that provoke the darkness with its radiance. 

Also, lightning was a fine touch to the monotonous gradient of darkness tonight. 

Everything was capped off with such refreshing wisps (blasts, actually, but they were gentle enough to suit the mood) of wind. 

A+ evening, thank You Lord. I do believe I’m ready for a new season.




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