“No matter how cliché it sounds…”

“No matter how cliché it sounds, DO NOT ever take the people closest to you for granted.

Do the best you can to enjoy their company; every moment spent, every mealtime you get to share with them, every quiet moment of walking together. Whatever it is you all are doing together, store the memories in an untouchable time capsule that you’ve ease of access to.

Believe me, things can change quickly in a year, so spend every moment with your beloved family, and friends.

I never look forward to the though of fall outs, but really, if you aren’t careful, and if you let these relationships with people slip away, fall outs are going to be quite inevitable.

Long rant, but really, the way you see me treasure my family and friends should be more than enough of an emphasis.”

I posted this little whim of mine on Facebook, but I felt I haven’t exhausted all of my sentiments regarding the matter.

I strongly advocate this matter which mainly roots from all of last year’s experiences; Fall out is a keyword. I’m an emotionally clingy person, and I despise fall outs. I hate the thought of it, and the fact that it happens.

Looking back to my younger years, it’s been tough to have fall outs – the “unintentional”ones like my cousins leaving for the United States, that was difficult for  a ten year old me to handle, but over time we’ve learned to keep in touch. I can’t say that it has been the same, as physical distance deters the absolute growth of a relationship, but the fact remains that my cousins are my cousins, and they are a part of my life even up to now. Fall outs like with my best friends, well, practically same story – moving abroad. I have noticed that I am the initiator of conversation to keep our little thread of communication intact, it sometimes gets tiring.Sometimes you don’t know if you’re being a bother, or overly attached.

The latest of fall outs which have occurred the previous year involves something a bit more tumultuous, and it’s never a pretty sight. You lose friends the Capulet-Montague way, and you’re just stuck in the crossfire.

But I take my risks because I take friendships seriously. I don’t have an issue with regards to the quantity of my friends. I love the warm company of the few whom I know are conducive to growth – socially, emotionally and spiritually. That’s practically a no-brainer. It should be. Why would you involve yourself in a posse of multi-aspect necrosis? Meaning, why would you hang out with bad company?

Hold on to the people you who mean the world to you. They say “God puts people in your life, and takes them away for a reason.” There’s a part of me that believes in that, but there’s always room for keeping those who enable you to grow.

Never pass up the chance to go all out with your family and friends. Never mind if they seem ungrateful, or do not reciprocate your gestures. It might be that they do not have the same love language as you do, but they do appreciate all that you do for them. That realization has been helpful for me, as there have been frequent recurrences of feeling under-appreciated.

I get a rush, and feel contented whenever I do grand gestures for my dearly beloveds. The gestures aren’t so much of a display of feathers, but I want them to experience the best. Life should never be taken for granted, and I want others to see that they are appreciated, they are loved, and they deserve the best of this life. I don’t want them feeling inferior when they hang out with me, because of the differences each one might have towards each other. Because if I know, they’re already facing problems tantamount to a Mount Everest avalanche. So, whenever I take them out for a little treat, I make sure they get the best. If that gimmick will be the only radiant and happy thing that has happened to them on that day, or for that week, or whatever, then I would gladly do it time and again, as frequent as possible.

Even if the after effects of splurging and spoiling my beloveds are regrets towards spending, or (again) that feeling of being under-appreciated, it is nothing compared to the joy I see on their faces when the day comes to a close and the “Thank Yous” are passed around bedecked with hugs.

I know I will never get tired of helping a friend out, and I always love the challenge of trying to make someone smile.

I’m motivated because I never want anyone to feel inferior, to feel unloved, to feel rejected. Everyone deserves to be spoiled a little bit. Everyone deserves to live a good life.

Be that someone who might change the outcomes of a skewed and messed up life. You’ll never know what your little gestures can do. I’m never giving up on people whom I know need love, who need Jesus.

I honestly wish people would see the importance of having friends and family surround you is the best thing you could ever live with. I’ve found so much love and support from my biological family, and my family in Christ. Every day is just sweet, no matter the circumstances are. There’s always room for fun and smiles.

Never let go of people who make you happy all the while helping you grow. Always appreciate, even if they don’t.



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