Writing Sidetracks

Darn these spur-of-the-moment ideas for a post! I can never hold onto a thought and type out a coherent paragraph that spans a total reading time of five to ten minutes. It’s pretty disappointing how seasonal my writing and my thoughts can be. It frustrates me, because there are so many things I’d like penned down, and yet it doesn’t happen. 

It’s inconvenient as well, for these ideas to just appear while I’m without an accessible computer, or a ready pen and paper. I can’t jot down an outline, nor can I at least save the points of my pondering somewhere.

See, the interval between this paragraph and the one prior to it took a full minute. The idea hung in the air, because I’ve nothing to write about. It’s frustrating to lose momentum on a post. Although very recently I’ve learned not to prolong my entries, mainly not to bore anyone reading it, but also having to deal with the fact that when I write longer, I get carried away and sidetrack to almost any other topic possible. And that makes for a mediocre post in my opinion. If you can’t focus on something at hand, or if you’ve a million ideas springing up at the same time, you’d definitely have a difficult time to put together something with enough sense, revolving around a singular idea. 

Ah, but isn’t that how spontaneity is? See how this is quite the concrete example? Hold on, though. Isn’t this just an expansion of your main idea? Yes it is, but I don’t think I’d like to delve into it. It just happened. Again, a million problems created out of a domino effect of focus (or lack thereof) in writing. It seems inevitable, but why is it such a crisis? At least I’m progressing. I’m being quite ironic and confusing, it seems. And now I have sidetracked. 

tl;dr I don’t like how I lose writing momentum once I choose to write down my thoughts on a medium. What’s the point of having ideas if you can’t even express them? 





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