bottom fries

A/N: Clearly, I’m not thinking straight. This is really just raw writing, no edits, not pausing to think if it makes sense. I just needed to write something out, to wind down from all the unhealthy sugar and whatnot my Fastfood of a dinner gave me.

And rightly so, had I chanced upon a protruding crack on the sidewalk. Normally I’d skip over the crack, but today, I stepped on it, feeling the push and curve it gave my soles. It felt, dignifying, yet pathetic.

Running, running, running through my head. They tell you it was good forever, but I know it’s now or never.*



Sleep. Blissful sleep has eluded me yet again.

I await to fall into a slumber, but the sound of footsteps over concrete keep me awake — thinking.

Would you stand over these shadows and embrace our history?**

And the stillness ensues. But what is there to a philosophical standpoint of stillness? Is there even? Ah, stillness is idleness, some say. Maybe it is fear.

Or maybe,

it’s unseen beauty and bliss.


I see the sun coming up easy.***

The whirring of bicycle wheels. Up the trail.

Tires get caked with mud – humid and barely dry from the evening’s rainshower.

What are we doing up here?

It’s not that we’re trying to get to the top. We’re only passing through, to get to the other side of this behemoth of a landscape.

To where?

Oh, where austerity lies. Isn’t it ironic? The freest and most radical of thoughts and actions: climbing a thousand foot mound of soil and foliage, only to find respite in the strict and the plain?

Such is fun, if you look at it from the flipside.


* lyrics excerpt from Zebrahead – Now or Never

** lyrics excerpt from Fightstar – Apologize for Nothing

*** lyrics excerpt from Paolo Nutini – Coming Up Easy


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