I am an enigma

I’ve been spewing out a lot of short free-verse poems lately, and I feel like I should put them in one place, so I’ll be doing that. I’ll be dating the poems accordingly. 🙂

Also, some note-worthy stuff I’ve said in the past, I’ll be putting here as well. It’ll be a fun read, reminiscing about this, to remind me and keep me in awe of my improvement as a writer.


Start climbing stairs, crafted in gold, shaped by paper.

They lead to wherever you dream of going, beyond foliage arising, beyond plumes of sun-bathed clouds, lightly streaking the endless behemoth of a sky.

Touch upon railings built on jumper cables – the red and the black ends, could you cross without electrifying yourself? The only shock you will ever receive is probably when you stop.

Walk; tread; traipse; pirouette yourself into stairs of paper.



There’s a calming yet bittersweet feel to this song. It feels like homecoming but goodbye at the same time. I hear hope, and I hear longing.
It’s that wishful thinking kind of tune. And it’s kind that would keep you hanging on the cliff, but it surprises you with running – the kind that the breeze meets your face, as you hear it whistling past your ear, mixed in with the light laughter of your own voice.



Reposted on FB 130118 but originally from tumblr, 2011 maybe?

A writer, to fall in love with his/her own work, does not mean a sense of pride in a selfish perspective, but the ‘falling in love’ only pertains to the independent life encapsulated in a character brought to life by flowing words and singing thoughts. To love something of imagined thought isn’t to love one’s work narcissistically — it is simply, to love another existing being. Oh but to whom does a writer owe their life’s worth, but to their work! Much like in raising a child – but in this case – words grow faster and can mature at will.



To fall in love and get lost in the majesty of words, is truly a splendid thing.



“My name is Niki and I have a ministry in Cambodia, where I lead worship. You’ll find it in a big, white building full of boisterous kids who love Jesus with all their hearts.”

DECLARATION! Remember this, people. (: This is God’s vision for me, and I am still excited. I don’t know how or when, but I believe in the Lord.


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