In the same way that you get to understand something by dissecting it – be it metaphorically or literally, although in this case I’d rather not the latter – you get to understand someone by seeing them in different perspectives.

I’ve a teacher, a leader, a senior, and an older sister that is incidentally just one person. I’m writing in the perspectives of how I came to know this person in a relatively lengthy span of time, and wringing out everything I know (or seem to know) about her.

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A Teacher

I have a lot of respect for my teacher despite the irony that I have never been her student in Sunday School. Reason being her class was the Pre-school, whilst I was busy trying to grow up in my Middle/Older Elementary class. So how do I qualify calling her teacher? When I became a teacher in Sunday school myself. She became our (I, along with my friends/co-teachers) mentor in getting around with the kids. She knew the ropes, and she could practically handle a hundred kids. This is no exaggeration, she has been able to do that countless of times, whenever we fail to do so. Apart from the fact that she had graduated with an expertise (or at least impeccable know-how) on behavior, kids have always been her forte, so it was a piece of cake for her.

It took a while for me to get around to implementing authority around the kids – I would’ve been an awkwardly tall playmate for them if I hadn’t. This teacher of ours would always have something new to teach us, to correct us with. She’d push us to do things we ultimately thought we couldn’t: sing & dance in front of kids, act for stories we’d tell them, and a lot of other things we now do on a regular basis.  She is a teacher in every sense of the word, even though I’ve not much to share about how she teaches kids. In all honesty, I myself cannot recall instances of such, but she is widely remembered by her students who’ve moved up to a different class a grade higher.

Now if it weren’t for her positive rebuke, I don’t think I would’ve ever learned to stop and think. My impulsive nature is quite the opposite hers, and the brakes help a lot. I believe me and my bunch of friends have become better teachers in those two/three years with our mentor’s help.

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A Senior

I shall expound on this, since we aren’t in a school together for me to appropriate the calling of “senior-junior”, I would say colleague would suffice, or lack of a better term. Let me contextualize: In reference to the sub-heading above, as Sunday School teachers, this mentor is our senior in what we do. I believe I’ve established her know-how, ergo I don’t think I need to lengthen this post, but only to further emphasize her influence to us was and still is a big factor in helping us get around and do our tasks as efficient as possible.

She also has wisdom that not a lot of people her age posses, what with her experiences early on. Only recently, I have witnessed that when she spoke up, older people who are wizened have gawked and listened intently to what she had to say. It is with regard to her quiet nature that I attribute her ability to absorb all that is being said, and she reiterates with an equally profound statement that I cannot fathom nor be at par with. Wisdom cannot solely come from age, that much is true.

For me, seeing her do her work well was a motivation, not to exceed her, but just to excel, to prove ourselves well, but not ultimately that we miss the goal of serving God and giving Him praise.

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A Leader

I would say that regardless of whether we’ve established a cell group to call her our leader, it is a fact out of my inference that she was meant to be a leader in her own field. Now I don’t mean to romanticize or exaggerate everything I am trying to say, but it is what I have experienced it to be. I don’t think a testimony can be refuted unless proven otherwise. In connection to what I’ve been writing so far, she leads by example. None of that tell-you-what-to-do-and-leave-you-to-figure-the-rest-out kind of thing, but it’s also not the spoon-feeding sort of learning. This is one reason why I’ve been ingrained to show respect for a leader like her.

Every leader is exceptional, but never to the point of perfection – no one is. Up until recently, I have seen the extent of her abilities as a leader – who is still subordinate to a higher authority – commanding herself upon her duties and tasks. It takes a lot of pressure to crack someone, and despite the gravity of the tasks, she has not visibly shown to me (in this case) any faltering. Should she have done so, it was never in my periphery or knowing. Not because it is to shy away from revealing any form of weakness, but I do believe, as an unspoken gesture of courtesy. But if she should show otherwise, respect for her would not decrease. This only proves how the seemingly superhuman bears the mark of a normal human being. All is fair.

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A Sister

I’ve been itching to reach this part of the feature since I do think I’d be able to express a lot. This is a more personal perspective, unlike the aforementioned, which sums up business or work-related perspectives and it would seem like a general thought.

In a span of a year (or less) I do think I’ve experienced what it would be like to have a biological sister, including all the bickering and disagreements over the pettiest of matters. I do not regret any of it, in fact, it’s what I remember all the more, not because they aren’t nice, but because it grounds me on the fact that nothing is ever a fantasized perfection if you want to live a life with siblings. More often than not we’re on good terms, but again, it’s a clash of personalities and I think it to be inevitable. Truly, there are some things that have our opinions quite the opposite of each other, like my lack of enthusiasm in shopping; or our out-of-sync wavelength of humor; or how I am easily irked by so many shallow things that she just passes off as normal (which it is, I am just peeved oh so easily), but it doesn’t create a gap to extinguish our friendship. As for my being subtly attention-deficit, it is something I do think she’s managed to get used to (somehow) although even I’ve worn myself out of being all too hyper, yet I can’t refrain from being hyperactive and not bug her at least once in a day. So I cross the line more often than not, but it doesn’t change anything.

It is a privilege to have someone to look up to having multiple tags. Tags that are like scout patches – reminders of her accomplishments and attainments – that would shell out my respect without any hesitation. And it is quite a bragging right on my part to have known her in “work” and “play”, both the mundane and serious things. From painting our nails, to standing in mall queues; from trying to figure out how a certain program works, to deciding what to eat, I think I’ve done enough and experienced enough with this older sister of mine.

**** ****

In quite a horrible transition of a conclusion, I never meant to put this person on a pedestal, but I’ve only written this to express how much of a role model and someone deserving respect she is. I speak for myself, and do not force anything upon anyone. It is but a reality check on my part, to find people who have been put in my life by God, to teach me things, and she is just one of them. She is and will be a blessing to me, and to other people, that much I am sure of.



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