Another thing I wanted to add to the things I’ve known about myself but never really thought of it in depth.

Another good example arose from the situation tonight. A lot of my friends went to this free concert for a cause.

Despite the ever-present peer pressure, I never give in to most things that calls for a congregation amidst an uncomfortable environment – in my perspective, that is. And unless it is something my interests fall under, I will not go, no matter how many of my friends/family members go. I keep getting called hipster, but I think it’s more than the stereotype of non-conforming. The label is unappealing, and I do not want to be branded as such.

Would it be too much to say that I am just really not that interested in the things everyone else likes? It’s tiresome to explain to boggled people.

My interests differ from yours, I respect yours, please do reciprocate. I don’t think it’s that hard.

I don’t force anyone to go with me to Kpop Cons or events (my brother is an exception, he tags along because I pay for his fare and entrance fee but whatever, he’s into it as well.)


I only intend to express my thoughts, nothing more, nothing less. Not to offend or anything along the lines of it. I just realized how against the flow I am, despite times I am into something totally mainstream. 

I am an enigma in every definition.





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