Last Quarter Evaluation

Would it be inexcusable for me to say that I do not write about So Nyeo Shi Dae on this blog, for fear of it becoming a one-sided bias article? I’m bound to hear reasons like “Nobody’s stopping you” or “We’re free to say anything anyway.” I understand and consider all of this, but my petty reason is that I do not want to be labeled as a So Nyeo Shi Dae bias blog. I am aiming to be a blog that pools in a lot of Kpop fans, because of the things I write, and not only to be a bias blog . But then again, what’s the con of all of this?

As I write, I mentally slap myself. Here comes the realization of the things I originally worry and freak out about, but in the end doesn’t really require all the fuss.

On another note, I’m sick of myself writing reaction blog posts. I’m vying for a feature one of these days, similar to that long SHINee tribute post I made a year ago.

I find it an improvement that I’ve been able to post consecutively for the past few months, whatever the genre of my post may be. I’m aiming for better next year, and a varied roster of artists/albums to write about. Fist pump to next year’s blog posts. It is imperative that I should get better, be more fluent and fluid with my writing.

Last night while reading Eat Pray Love, I realized that I adapt to the book that I read. I begin to write like the author, and it somewhat depresses me (metaphorically), because it shows that I have no writing style of my own yet. It’s a challenge at the same time, though. I’ve a lot of time to figure out and explore my own tone to writing, and it’s going to be fun.

I need to backtrack and find the posts I need to continue.

I also need to learn as soon as possible how to properly write endings.


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