[ONE-SHOT] Can’t Look Away

A/N: A light, little flashfic for everybody, out of spontaneity.

Characters: YoonA (SNSD), Kai (EXO)

Music: CNBLUE Yonghwa – Banmal Song

It was a typical Monday rush at Subway, and Kai was practically scrambling with the orders on his station. He fiddled with his cash register as he caught his breath, and without even looking up at his next customer, said, “Good morning. What’ll you be having?”

“Hi, two Tuscan Chicken melts, to go please.”

“Hold just one second.” Kai checked the availability of the order, and with a small grin, he looked up at the customer.

“Tuscan chicken is available. Would you like drinks with that?”


The moment Kai let loose his protocol answer, his brain and his chest detached from each other. His brain blew a fuse as he saw his next customer.

“Yes, I do. A bottle of Evian and a Coke Zero, please. Hello, JongIn.”

“What are you doing here?” Kai whimpered playfully, as he punched the orders in the cash register.

“What now, I can’t take time off work to come see my best friend?”

“Yoona, you didn’t have to.”

Yoona rolled her eyes and leaned forward on the counter. “I was obviously kidding, JongIn. I’m here for the food.”

“Of course you are.” Kai motioned for Yoona to wait awhile as he prepared YoonA’s order at the station behind him. He returned to the counter with an extra bounce in his step, and a bigger grin on his face.

“Here you are. ₩23,000.00 is your total bill.”

“No discount for your best friend?” Yoona teased as she took her purse out to pay.

“Not even on a holiday.” Kai took Yoona’s bill and punched in a few buttons. His thoughts swam as he thought hard about who Yoona was buying food for. “Thank you for giving the exact amount.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Oh hey, come back at five, when I’m out. Unless…” Kai eyed the paper bags in front of them. “You’re going somewhere with your boyfriend?” Kai was fishing.

Yoona made a face and chuckled. “This isn’t for my boyfriend, silly.”

“Hey, what’s taking so long?” a person in line behind Yoona shouted.

“Sorry! Register problems! Hold on, please.” Kai raised his hand and motioned for the people to move to the other cash register, where his co-worker shot him a glare. Kai mouthed Sorry and returned his attention to Yoona. Groans and grunts were heard as the people shuffled to the other open registers, which had equally long queues.

“Seriously? Or are you not telling your best friend something? Come on, you can tell me, you know that.”

“Can’t you just get out from behind that counter now?” Yoona asked.

“You can’t tell me, like, right now? Do I have to beat up somebody?” Kai said, flexing his arms.

“No, you don’t.” Yoona sighed and looked at Kai in the eyes. “I have to go, but here.” Yoona pushed one paper bag towards Kai.

Kai looked down, confused. He looked up again, and as quick as lightning, Yoona kissed him on the cheek, and she left without saying a word.

“Kim JongIn, you are slow.”

A second later, his phone beeped. It was Yoona.

5 o’clock later today? You owe me a sandwich. 

Another few seconds later, his phone beeped once more.

P.S. I hope my boyfriend likes the

Tuscan Melt with his Coke. 😉




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