[Artist Write-Up] Shooting Star Ailee Just Keeps Going

Months after debuting with the single “Heaven”, YouTube singer-turned-Korean superstar Ailee returns with “I Will Show You”, the main title track to her mini-album Invitation

The title track “I Will Show You” has already garnered the top spot on various digital music portals at the time of its release.

I Will Show You is a track that does not deviate from Heaven, with regards to Ailee’s vocal prowess, and the song’s lasting impression. Ailee’s powerful voice is backed by the upbeat disco-rock tune, with strong lyrics to boot.

The slow beginning of the song may be misleading, but it is an effective progression into the catchy chorus, and belted-out ending. There’s a delightful sass in the way Ailee sings in I Will Show You and it carries over into the music video’s feel. From almost-obsolete nerd  into sexy charismatic charmer, the story line was consistent with the song build-up. Although the scene was not quite an original, it was refreshing to see a pair-up between Ailee and MBLAQ’s Jung Byeong Hee or better known as G.O.

Many comments on Ailee’s acting from Dream High 2 came to memory, with shaky impression on viewers. Even though Dream High 2 was not deeply rooted in serious dramatic acting, it was acting nonetheless, and it was evident that Ailee was a first-timer. In this music video of hers, she shows a little more maturity in acting, and a little more flaunting. It could have been the jitters that prevented her from giving her all, plus the pressure that comes with a sequel. (On a side note, the popularity of Dream High resonated, even up to now.)  This music video was hers and hers to claim.

For this type of a music video, the exaggerations were a big part in relaying the song bit by bit. The extremes of the characters she had portrayed became the foundations of the music video. Although a little voice of uprising with regards to “changing yourself just to get the attention of a man” came about, the video was loved nonetheless. G.O’s humorous acting was an asset; from a cool, hard-to-get hottie to groveling lovestruck boy, he suited the role well with his natural appeal, and masculine good looks.

The role-reversal of sorts ended well with a generic happily-ever-after ending, which most probably tore  the crowd in two. One half leaning towards a potential OTP, and the other half probably claiming their respective biases to themselves. These kinds of twists make for an interest-piquing video, enough to sustain the artist’s standing in the fast-paced music industry.

It may be true that for every artist, their big break comes in the form of a record-breaking, attention-grabbing music video paired with a powerhouse of a song, but that is definitely relative. Some artists may attain full stardom in the earliest years of their career, and some achieve this along the way. In any case, I Will Show You is a stepping stone for Ailee to reach her full potential as a Korean Pop singer. Should it take her to the top of the charts, kudos to her, otherwise, a congratulations all the same, for coming back with a strong (if not stronger than Heaven) track.

*Mini-album write up for Invitation to follow.


A/N: This post is solely the writer’s opinions, with no affiliation whatsoever to LOEN Entertainment, Ailee, or any of the Kpop industry’s related companies. The writer was not paid to do such a write-up, nor is the writer soliciting any form of reward in exchange for this post. This post is a freely expressed, opinionated write-up, and anyone is free to comment on their own thoughts with regards to the topic.


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