[Drabble] Underneath the Silence

A/N: Independent of the Prelude, but still part of the series. This is a monologue of sorts for Lionel/YiXing


I just want to run away. Just this once. I never ran away before, but I’d like to know the feeling.

I am an enigma of sorts. Beyond being stuck in between eras, I am between realms.

I am devoid of a family – I cannot call this brotherhood such. Baek is not my brother, and the rest are not my brethren. I am atemporal, yet equally grounded and subject to the laws of a mortal.

Like Nephilim.

For there is no challenge in escaping. I am easily able to slip away. I’ve no cares in the world whether I be seen or not. This is the angelic leverage; yet it is inevitable that I anchored on this blasted situation that I am bound to the restrictions of this world – the mortal disadvantage.

Oh, for how I wish that my wings forged of all that is ideal would take me away.

Baek’s gun to my head would be rendered useless. My immortality lies not in this transit body. He is oblivious to what I can do.

I’ve been stepped on time and time again, and held back with what I could really do. I’m glad I’ve had my reservations and held in some trade secrets. You don’t know me, Baek.

A gun in my hand won’t do and neither would a knife. I am all the capability and resource I need to annihilate all that is before me.

Baek. Believe it or not, I am Nephilim. As far-fetched and illogical as it sounds, I possess a power non-withstanding. 


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