[PRELUDE 1.2] Underneath the Silence

“Xiumin, tell me again why we need YiXing?” Kai asked.

The brothers – Kai and Chanyeol, and Xiumin, were alone in the drafty, spacious warehouse hideout one rainy evening. Baekhyun and YiXing had gone out, the former taking the latter to a dinner – with motives for the latter to observe their next target. The three were left behind, not because they weren’t favored, but because it would have been too large of a crowd, and it would have been obvious.

The steel chair creaked as Xiumin leaned back and thought deeply. He wasn’t quite sure if he remembered well what the reason was, but he tried to recall nonetheless.

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s got something to do with manipulating him and hiding the truth from him.”

Kai and Chanyeol both looked startled. Xiumin had gotten their attention, and both were listening intently. Chanyeol motioned for Xiumin to continue.

“Basically it’s like that. Because somehow the family – our family was involved in their death. It was a skirmish between three groups, with ours and YiXing’s included. His parents were just about to catch the family in a raid, but my dad was able to draw first blood. It was pretty unsettling, but a big relief – two of the best secret operatives down.”

“Two birds with one stone.” Kai added.

“Yes. And Baekhyun wanted to secure the family mafia by putting YiXing into our hands, so that he won’t be able to find out about anything. Baekhyun gained the upper hand, and was a step further.”

“But, why is it that none of the secret ops or FBI or whoever it was YiXing’s parents were working for found out about YiXing?”

“Simple. YiXing’s parents never mentioned about having a son. It was their biggest secret. Obviously if anyone found out, the little baby would have been their biggest weakness. Baekhyun was able to find out, because when they checked his parents’ belongings after their death, they found a family photo with him. Bingo.”

“From there, they tracked YiXing down?”

Xiumin nodded.

“Unbelievable.” Chanyeol said, utterly bewildered. He took a swig of his iced coffee and stood up. He paced the room, and he began to look uneasy.

“What’s wrong?” Kai observed his brother.

“We’ve to take necessary caution then. YiXing’s a smart kid, he’ll be able to squeeze out information from anyone easily. The mention of his parents should be taboo.”

“Well, that’s what we’ve been doing, haven’t we?” Xiumin answered, looking annoyed, but subtly unsettled as well. The thought struck them with fearful realization. They’ve seen what YiXing could do, and with his mysterious persona, there was no telling what he was fully capable of. The subject of his parents were bound to come up, when they least expected it.

“You motormouths better watch it, then. Alright?” Xiumin warned the siblings.

Chanyeol and Kai nodded, complying immediately.

Xiumin approved, and stood up. “They should be coming back anytime soon. We’d better head home.”


“That gentleman in a three-thousand dollar Armani suit is our next target.” Baek whispered casually to YiXing – who was intently observing the old, rich businessmen at the table across theirs.

YiXing took note of their target’s companions. He presumed all of them were conglomerates in their respective fields. Most, if not all of them, earned gold with a little help.

“What’s his story?” YiXing asked, eyes still locked onto the next table.

“Simple. He’s our main access to how Diamanto works. He’s CEO and founder of the technology. Most probably one of their most skilled Tech specialists built Diamanto. It doesn’t have to be this little diamond, it could be embedded in a belt buckle, it could be inside a wristwatch — the possibilities are endless. The implications are few, but lethal. Again, accessing a technology such as this could rewrite history. With the cutting edge design and function, plus a handful of very skilled techs – well, hackers, really, but you get the story. The world, literally at your fingertips.


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