[ONE SHOT] Underneath the Silence

A/N: Inspired by an EXO fic I read over LJ. Haven’t written in a while. Testing this one shot out, if it works, will continue.



A blur of a fist landed on his milky white face, knuckles connecting with his right jawbone. Groaning from the electrifying pain, he inhaled deeply despite the searing pain in his chest. Mustering up all his energy, he balled his fists and hit his oppressor square in the sternum. The man collapsed instantly.

Brushing off the debris, Lionel staggered as he walked out of the alley.

Lionel. This is my name now, my identity. 

He closed his eyes and the memories flashed by quickly.

“YiXing, you can’t leave. You won’t be able to, even if you tried.” Baek growled, as he gripped YiXing tighter on the wrist. The leather cuff of YiXing’s jacket felt sticky to Baek’s sweaty palm, but nevertheless he held on. 

“Watch me leave. See if I don’t find another hole to hide in.” YiXing swiftly twist his arm, and Baek’s grip was rendered useless. YiXing walked out with ease, knowing well that Baek glared at him. 

“You’re going to regret this YiXing. You can’t run and hide forever!”

Lionel clenched his teeth, as Baek’s voice echoed in his mind. I never ran away, Baek. I just got tired of being the group’s weapon all the time – to be used when needed, to be neglected the rest of the days. 


Lionel used to be YiXing, a class 7 assassin, the highest of his kind. Recruited five years back when he was released from the orphanage at eighteen years old – because he was “too old to keep”, the group who took him in knew something about YiXing that he himself did not know. His parents had been high-class assassins, and the group had a hunch that their offspring would bear the same trait. They guessed correctly, and YiXing had learned to harness his abilities once he was in their hands. He had no choice, he had nowhere to run to. YiXing had never seen his parents after the “plane crash” that separated them, and deemed him an orphan. Truth was, it was a cover-up, to send his parents into hiding, and to regroup. It was a mission that required so much, even to the point of sacrificing their son. YiXing had learned his parents had died in an ambush – three years after the plane crash.

YiXing had been taught the same trade his parents excelled in, and by the time he was twenty-one, he had an impressive record. The only con to this reputation was that he was working for the other team. This group was a  pseudo-mafia, that intercepted business deals between other dealing conglomerates, and dealt businesses their own way. It was impressive that the group had a roster of the deadliest and greatest. Baekhyun was the third generation in the family, and he was the one now leading. His exceedingly amazing IQ made it impossible for anyone to win an argument against him, more so a psychological argument. Chanyeol and Kai were siblings, fondly called Twin Blades, because they were unmatched when it came to close combat blade skirmishes. Their family formed an alliance with Baekhyun’s family – it was a union of two powers. Chanyeol was a deceptive genius, and he was often their inside eye, because his ability to disguise himself proved well; his best record was the Blue House – the presidential mansion. Kai, on the other hand, was just as deceptive. His smooth-talking enabled bargaining with even the most impossible of people. His persuasion was deadly. You had no way out, but to either agree, or die. Minseok, or Xiumin, as he preferred to be called, was Baekhyun’s older brother, who was an embodiment of the word “arms dealer.” Every firearm you could possibly think of was at his disposal. From the smallest and simplest handgun, to the most powerful nuke weapon, Xiumin had it stored in a warehouse only he knew where. Xiumin spent his education poring over the engineering of weapons, year by year improving, until he ran out of current powers to combine.

Deadly was their business, and it seemed that nothing could stop them. Their ability to have hidden well from authorities globally raised constant alarm. If they couldn’t be found, it was good for them, bad for everyone else.

This was why YiXing could not leave, for he knew the trade, the secrets, the people, the routes and hideouts. He was a dangerous man to be set loose. Not surprisingly, YiXing was able to escape. He had been keeping some secrets to himself, which allowed him to surprise the group with his disappearing act.


Lionel finally made it to his quarters – a dim golden-glowing suite in Hotel Le Fontanelle, one of Tuscany’s prime hotels. As obvious and loud as it would have seemed for him to be staying in a flashy place, Lionel thought the opposite. Baekhyun and the others would never expect him to expose himself to the public. They knew the authorities had eyes everywhere, and Italy was not a blind spot. In fact, it was the more vulnerable location, as their last hit was in Rome. Lionel had a comforted feeling about this, but he was cautious still. Baek could narrow down possibilities, make logic out of the senseless, and predict even the most outrageous of outcomes. Lionel knew he wasn’t safe forever, but he needed a break.

As he stripped down in the marble bathroom and prepared for a steaming bath, his mind flashed once again to his encounter earlier, one that earned him a bruise on his cheek. It was an obvious mark, and the concierge was alarmed at his bloody, bruised image. She even offered to call a hospital, to which Lionel assured her that he was fine, saying he blindly hit a post, and he just needed ice to be sent up to his room, along with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. She was hesitant at first, but Lionel flashed a bright, dimpled smile to end the conversation.

The man who had appeared out of nowhere when Lionel stepped out of the bakery was a man he recognized. He was at one of the raids in Barcelona. Baek’s group had intercepted a pier rendezvous, and the man was steering the ship. Lionel had quietly knocked him out, thinking he was a real ship captain. Lionel wondered why this man had gone after him. Was he really with the previously raided? Or was he taken in by Baek? No. Baek wouldn’t take in amateurs. He sank into the white marble tub steaming with rosewater. He had yet to figure out how he had been found, but not now. He needed to rest. He was just about to doze off when the hotel line rang.

Ring. Ring…



Lionel’s senses perked up. He was wary of connections in public areas, and this was no exception. He carefully arose from the tub,  and donned the hotel bathrobe. He put his hand in the pocket, making sure his silenced pistol was ready. The phone was still ringing when he reached it, and he picked it up slowly and quietly. He waited for the other line to speak first.

“Mister Lionel Yiao? This is the concierge. We apologize, but we had just run out of Sauvignon. Would you mind waiting? Or would you like something else?”

Lionel eased his shoulders, but still gripped the gun in his pocket. “Is that so? In that case, it’s alright. Cancel the ice as well, I think I’ll be heading out for dinner.” Lionel’s eyes darted to the windows, checking if the curtains were properly draped across the giant glass windows.

“Alright, sir. Would you like for us to ready a cab?”

“Ah, no need. I would just be walking. But thank you very much.”

“It’s our pleasure sir. Again, we apologize. Please enjoy your evening.”


Lionel put back the phone down quietly. He had purposefully mentioned going out, and going on foot, just in case the line was intercepted. He had something to eat with him in the suite. He also had no problem with anyone doubting of him exiting the hotel, as it was crowded tonight. There were two events in the lobby floor’s function rooms, and there was a local festival, so people were going in and out of the hotel at any given hour – most especially this time around.

Lionel was ready for Baek, if ever he decided to show up. Baek would either come to retrieve him, or dispose of him. Either way, Lionel had things up his sleeve. He would quietly slip away, yet again, out of Baek’s grip. He would end this game not to soon. He was enjoying the thrill of the chase. But Lionel wanted to turn the tables. At the end of it all, he would be the cat, Baek the mouse.




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