[FIC] Learning to Fly

A/N: One year and twenty four days later, I finally had the time to put up the second chapter. This is utter madness, I know. I got inspired all the more from SMTown a few weeks ago, so much JongSica.


{Chapter 2

“I’m going to give you an aviation assignment, Cadet Kim.”

“Ma’am, I didn’t take an aviation class.” Jonghyun barely spoke a whisper.

Sooyeon raised an eyebrow. “Well then that could be easily arranged. It’s much better for you do be doing something productive rather than idling around in the hangar.”

Jonghyun was about to open his mouth to protest when he saw Woohyun from the corner of his eyes, shaking his head violently. He closed his mouth and saluted.

“You start tomorrow, at oh-six-hundred hours, hangar two.”


“Oh-six-hundred hours? Does she mean I have to get up early for this?” Jonghyun asked Woohyun.

“Looks like it. I’ll be here as well, that’s my class too. So would it be a consolation to say that we’re in this together?”

“This is your fault, Nam. I’m going to regret this.”

“I’m sure you won’t. You get to see my cousin again, and you’ll be out of the Lieutenant’s watch.”

At this realization, Jonghyun smiled. “I guess so.”


After having tied his worn out boots securely, Jonghyun headed out of his barracks and walked briskly towards the Aviation hangar.

Overhead where Jonghyun walked, a plane or two soared, its engines growling and wings slicing through the air. He squinted and gazed at the soaring vehicles and began to ponder on the pilots manning the crafts.

What does it feel like to be up a thousand or more feet above the ground in a metal plane without anyone to talk to? 

He broke his train of thought and jogged towards hangar 2, where he knew the General would be waiting for him — and the others.

Jonghyun arrived with time to spare, and he then used this opportunity to look for his friend, Woohyun. He started walking down the aisle, glancing left and right at the parked aircraft being tended to by cadets.

“What are you doing, cadet?” a voice snapped from behind Jonghyun. He spun on his heels and expected the worst as he recognized who it was.

“I-I was looking for Cadet Nam.”

“Does Cadet Nam have the responsibility to escort you around? He is attending to his plane. Follow me, Cadet Kim.” The general motioned for Jonghyun to follow. She walked quickly, her boots clicking on the mesh floor of the hangar. Jonghyun spotted an unpainted aircraft with no wheels and no wings. He gaped at the incomplete thing, wondering if this was his assignment.

“Cadet Kim, this will be your craft to attend to. Fix it, paint it, troubleshoot it — and it will be yours to fly. Any questions?”

“Ma’am, I honestly do not know how to fix a plane.” Jonghyun lowered his head in shame.

“You will have a senior cadet help you with the basics. Anything else?”

“How long am I assigned to this?”

“You haven’t even begun, and yet you’re asking when you end? Are you asking for an extension of assignment, Cadet Kim?”

“Ma’am, no, ma’am.”

“You are on indefinite status — until I see your work fit. Are we clear? You are, in no circumstance to absent yourself unless you are dying, or are dead.”

Jonghyun cringed at the conditions, but he agreed. “Yes ma’am.”

“You may begin to properly suit yourself with the jumpsuit provided.” Sooyeon pointed to a crumpled navy blue jumpsuit hanging on the wall across the jet. “Your senior advisor will arrive shortly. Carry on, Cadet Kim.”

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am.” Jonghyun saluted and trudged over to the jumpsuit.

This is going to be such a long year for me. he whined.



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