[NP#5] Music for your Latte?

Inspired to write, finally. Here’s a personal playlist of what I listen to – or would suggest the café – when I’m at the coffee shop.

I’ve reasons why the top three are the top three. Give them a listen, you’ve nothing to lose. But everything on the playlist is worth a listen.

  1. Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why
  2. Brooke Fraser – Love is Waiting
  3. 노리플라이 (No Reply)  – 고백하는날  (Confession Day)
  4. Turnabout Jazz Soul – Godot – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
  5. Sitti – Lady Wants to Know
  6. Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to The Moon
  7. Paolo Nutini – Last Request
  8. Michael Buble – Moondance
  9. Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros – Mondo Bongo
  10. Kim Tae Woo ft. Lyn – 내가 야! 하면 넌 예! (If I Say Ya, You Say Yeah!)
  11. Lights – The Listening
  12. New Heights – Peaches
  13. Frank Ocean – We All Try
  14. I’ll Never Fall in Love Again – Bacharach
  15. Jay Park – Star
  16. John Legend – Ordinary People
  17. Mad Soul Child – Breath
  18. UpDharmaDown – Oo

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