[NP#5] Moonlight and Music

I’m ending my second semester of my college sophomore year! And this week is coming to a close, thank goodness. This week was pretty much hectic and depressing, but I fought and hacked through the foliage of stress and requirements. Few more shrubs to trim next week, but it’s all good.

Now for the playlist. I don’t know, I’m elated, happy and all-out grins. Mixed playlist though; first time I’m including OPM. These are some really good old songs I used to listen to.

1 Ailee – Heaven

2 Chance – You & I

3 Imago – Ewan

4 Itchyworms – Love Team

5 Leighton Meester – Somebody to Love ft. Robin Thicke

6 Mathai – Can’t Make You Love Me (Bon Iver Cover)

7 Session Road – Suntok sa Buwan

8 CNBlue – Still In Love

9 Mad Soul Child – Beautiful Day



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