[Quickie] EXO’s New Release – History

I honestly had a hard time breathing, I was watching the Korean and Mandarin version simultaneously, pausing every five seconds because 1) I was short of breath and 2) I couldn’t stop spazzing. I kept tweeting about everything until I just got tired. I really want to cry, it’s so surreal, it’s truly different and amazing.

SME has done a wonderful job training these young men, moreover they had done a good job of recruiting only the most talented and good-looking. It pays to have rigid training and picky scouts. They know what they’re talking about.

You really have to watch both MVs. People keep bringing up Kai being the center of attention yet again in the Korean version MV, but I’m not complaining. I got to see close up the other members,and get to hear them sing.

But now, I really have no more bias in EXO. They’re all too perfect. I’m obviously exaggerating, but really. Kai is a triple threat! He raps, sings and dances. SME, you’v done it again. Plus, I finally got to find out what the roles of the other members were. Very fierce rapping and strong dancing all throughout, and their stoic, fierce faces just topped off the avant-garde, new-age, get-ready-for-something-big concept. I made no sense with that sentence, but I know you understand.

EXO is a group to be watched, and they’re definitely going to do well. Let’s just hope EXO-M will have their big chance, as the Chinese market is pretty hard to break into. But then again, it’s SME we’re talking about.

Can’t wait for their official debut.





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