[25] MV Write-Up: Big Bang’s FANTASTIC BABY!

Alright, alright! One of the most anticipated songs from Big Bang’s new mini-album Alive is out. The song has gotten everybody excited. It’s gotten everyone anticipating. It’s got everyone singing Boom Shakalaka to no end. The addictive pumping beat, GD’s na na na na, the anti-climactic pre-chorus, and the club song vibe of the song is the formula for this addictive song.

It’s Fantastic Baby.

And quite frankly, it really is. YG has the knack of giving us the wildest, most innovative and high-quality Music Videos of their artists, and this one does not disappoint. Following the releases of the moody MV of Blue, and the cool & chill vibe of Bad Boy, the MV of Fantastic Baby deviates from the bluish-gray tones of its preceding MVs.

Many would say it has that 2NE1 vibe, and still others would mention Lady Gaga, for the eccentricity of the set, the extras, the movements and pretty much all of the elements in it.

It opens with a shot of what seems to be an Eagle Owl perched atop a street lamp, and in the background we see ruins and rubble comprised of mesh fences and unidentifiable metal parts. Then it fades into a scene of G-Dragon, who is sporting fiery red locks running down on the floor, sprawling majestically. He is seated on a throne of sorts, and the music plays.

Honestly, a first timer in Kpop who would chance upon this would be scarred. I’d be scarred, in a good way. But I’m already a VIP, I sort of know what to expect, but then again, this is YG.

There seems to be an anti-music movement in the music video, as you see armed guards against “civilians” clad in uniform gas masks and white gloves, going up against the guards and it erupts in chaos.

You cannot really tell the theme of the MV, but there is beautifully executed chaos and there still seems to be coherence. One scene shows YoungBae being thawed of snow and ice, and in another scene he is sitting in a meditative position surrounded by “monks” wearing the same gas masks but clad in monk clothes. And as with GD, Taeyang also has a throne of his own.

T.O.P on the other hand, is shown to be in different portraits – something like a museum setting. He’s in different portraits, but exhibiting the same swagger – and bubblegum blue hair. He is also shown on his throne, wearing aNapoleon-reminiscent outfit.

Now, Daesung on the other hand, was shown to be topless and in chains. (Hmm, gives you thoughts, doesn’t it?) In a dungeon-like setting, Daesung sings his high notes, and sings it beastly well. One interesting part was that Daesung and Taeyang had parts simultaneously, and so it was like answering each other. The camera cut back and forth, to both of the topless, buff vocals.

Maknae SeungRi was already shown on his throne, surrounded by fiercely leather-clad ladies in deep-red lipstick and eye make-up that made for even fiercer glares. SeungRi is shown to have fresh cuts/slashes – from what probably would be from a large cat – on his torso, with the blood vivid. His “harem” of ladies take turns in “touching” his sculpted abs as RiRi sings. This mature look is topped off with his skewered earring of sorts, a metal toothpick from one end of his ear cartilage to the other. (Doesn’t seem appealing or cool, does it? Check it out for yourself.)

I tell you, these boys are back stronger than ever. Don’t give me the excuse that it’s autotune. It’s got a dance-vibe, for crying out loud, it sounds better this way. Plus, they have already proven in the two MVs prior to this how vocally capable they are. Despite the lack of a linear and progressive storyline, you wouldn’t really mind. There is more focus on the visual elements, and it will keep you pausing in the middle of the MV just to get an idea of what each member is trying to portray, what the MV is somewhat trying to convey. The different thrones and different situations of the Big Bang members seem to show just that. It’s just my two cents, but the scene where Daesung is in chains is somewhat an allusion to his experience last year, regarding the vehicular accident. Daesung was “in chains” in the issue, definitely a tough time for him, but he got back up and he’s free of his chains.

I would love to spoil you more of the details, but you just wouldn’t be able to visualize it properly, so I suggest you watch it. Big Bang’s got more surprises up their sleeves – given the fact that this is only the third out of the six title tracks they’re going to be promoting. Talk about coming back with a big bang.

Anyway, enjoy the MV! Definitely fantastic beyond comprehension.


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