[24] Artist Write-Up: Rookie Superstar Ailee

This time around, I sincerely and honestly hope that rookie singer Ailee (pronounced Ey-li) gets to win Rookie of the year for 2012.  She’s been receiving a lot of attention for her debut song Heaven that displays her vocal prowess.

Rookie Korean-American singer Amy Lee or Ailee has been of interest to many netizens when she released her debut song on the 8th of February, and when she had made her debut on the 9th on Mnet! Countdown.

Ailee is singer Wheesung’s first talent, and the singer himself wrote Ailee’s debut song. Wheesung featured Ailee in his song 2011 The Guys are Coming.

Their most recent collaboration had been this year on MBC’s Singers & Trainees. The two had performed Alicia Keys and Usher’s My Boo.

Apart from singing alongside Wheesung – and being signed under his label, becoming his talent – Ailee is also part of the star-studded cast in Dream High 2, acting alongside T-ara’s Jiyeon, 2AM’s Jinwoon, SISTAR’s Hyorin and many more.

Her career has only begun, and there is a long way for her to go. Her vocals are her best bet, but her acting stint is a big boost to her first year in the industry, to help her garner more attention and establish her face in both the drama and music industries.

Exposure never seemed to pose a problem, as Ailee had begun as a YouTube singer – where most good talents come from nowadays. The free service of uploading and the hassle-free exposure was an advantage, and despite the non-stellar viewer ratings of her videos, she had managed to catch the attention of many, even Kpop idol Wheesung. From videos in 2009 to even 2011, Ailee has progressed vocally, improving in each song that she covers. The little bumps here and there in her singing never stopped this rookie star to keep on going.

Her repertoire comprises of a lot of RnB and ballads from power singers like Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Jordin Sparks and many others. This is a good risk for her, as her vocals are pretty much prepared and well suited for it.

Let me end with this video from March of last year, with Ailee performing at Between in Itaewon, Korea. She’s definitely got the voice, the looks and the apparent talent to make it big. After all, it’s only her debut year, and with the success and attention she’s been receiving – plus training under one of the most prominent vocalists in K-Pop, Ailee is sure to make it big. Never mind the awards for now, she’s got a name to further establish, and a journey to enjoy.



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