Spontaneity Still Runs in Me.

I honestly haven’t written for quite some time; my last post was from December of last year. It’s tough to not be able to write, it definitely kills you slowly. By this, I mean the fluency and proficiency of writing.

I spend a large portion of my time online, and yet I don’t seem to have the time to click open the wordpress tab. I’m frustrated with myself, for wanting to do so many things, but I end up idling instead. There are so many productive things I can do in my free time – take right now for example. I was mindlessly looking for things to read on yahoo. I ended up on the omg! celebrity news, and as much as it was entertaining to me, there was absolutely no further relevance. As I write, I’m mentally slapping myself, because I realized that there are so much more relevance in reading wordpress blogs. I’m not saying this out of bias, or out of praise to promote, but in all honesty, I really do feel I’ve been missing out and wasting my time.

I really have to get back on track. I’ve so many productive ideas that never even touch reality. Take last night, for example. I finally had the time and inspiration to do another photo edit; I was about to save it, but it crashed on me. Lesson learned? Save frequently, ever after tweak. Out of pride, I may say that I “already know” this, but being honest feels so much better, and it’s something to laugh about later.

So, my itinerary for this month? Finish all requirements for university. I’m ending sophomore year! It’s pretty surreal. Everything’s flying by, and I really wish I can do something big before it ends. Plus, I’m hoping to get better grades, but we’ll just see.



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