[23] Artist Write Up: EXO

Photo credit: EXO K website http://www.exo-k.smtown.com and tumblr

Up-and-coming SM Entertainment Male group, EXO has been quite the talk of the Kpop town ever since the first teaser was released late last year.

From elated hype to disenchanted frustrations, EXO has been causing quite a stir. But we can’t blame the audience for reacting this way. I mean, this newly employed “tactic” of SME was pretty effective – for the first three teasers. After that, it became predictable, what with them exposing only one member in the teasers. Now, I have nothing against Kim Jong In (KAI), in fact, he is my favorite member. (If you can have a favorite member even if the group hasn’t even debuted yet, then yes.)

All is fair in love and war. Sadly, the teasers fall under neither category, making it a difficult thing to squeeze in equality amongst the members. SME is known for their talents that debut in fairly large numbers, and this one is no exception. With 12 members – EXO was announced to debut in two subgroups. One catering to the Korean market, EXO-K, and the other, to the Chinese market, EXO-M. Pretty easy to remember, yes? Well, many netizens are no strangers to the boys of EXO, as two years (or three) back, photos of the members as trainees were released online, sparking much interest in the flower boys of SME. Not long after, SM announced that they would be debuting a new male group – hence EXO.

My only frustration is the way SME is trying to “hype” it up. I mean, sure, you could’ve released three teasers, with four of the boys in each one. You could have simultaneously displayed their vocal prowess, dancing skills and aesthetic qualities in the same number of teasers you would regularly allot for your groups that have their comebacks. 20+ teasers is going over the edge. And that’s not in a good way.

As for the clips of the songs in the teasers, I’ve nothing else to say but that you really do have to look forward to it. Their vocals are astounding, and you would know who trained these kids (*cough* Yoo YoungJin *cough*) to sing. Their vibe is pretty much a mix of electro-dance and RnB with a hint of ballad. Diverse and flexible yes, but we’ll just have to wait until they debut.  Personally I’m vying for “My Lady” to be their title track, but I’m guessing SME would want the fast-paced dance tracks like El Dorado, Run & Gun or maybe even Two Moons (which has this whole ghetto-hip hop drop to it, what with the heavy bass and full-of-swagger rap).

Their fashion is amazing. The whole peg of EXO Planet is vague to me, but wherever these boys are from, they sure know how to dress well. (Thanks to their coordi noonas and stylists, of course!)

Now, check out a few of the teasers and see if you’re bound to like them, follow them and love them – and expect a lot from them – because they’re from SME.




  1. I mean I can be quite annoyed and irritated by these teasers but I know by the time they debut I and many others will be all over their debut. You read my mind, I really hope for My Lady to be the title track but I know most groups go for a faster paced song for a debut. Hopefully it’ll be a follow up song because its quite the pretty song. And well I’m a sucker for ballad like songs ^.^

  2. I hope we don’t have to wait much longer, I mean it’s 2013 already, and no other promotions for EXO have been announced. It’s a good thing their releases from History, What is Love, and their mini – MAMA has been doing well on charts. Not to mention how dedicated fans are toward EXO!

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