[20] Your Faith is All it Takes and You Can Walk on The Water too.

November 3rd 2011, marks an amazing day as everything I have learned so far this year is used.

Britt Nicole’s Walk on the Water is definitely my life story.
Words cannot express how in awe, amazed and blessed I am for what has transpired hours ago during my enlistment for the Second Semester of my sophomore year in college.

Truly, God works and you can never doubt Him. I keep telling the kids to NEVER DOUBT, TO NEVER STOP PRAYING, but there are times I myself do not adhere to what I say. It’s a conviction of mine, and everytime the Lord moves, I am but humbled.

Weeks (or maybe a year ago), I’ve always wanted to take that Korean Language class that was opened last year. I’m sure everyone knows my fondness (I’m using a watered down word, you know how I am) over the culture, the language,the music and the people. To have a formal education would mean I’d hit quarter of my goal. I’ve been self-studying Hangul for almost three years now, and as much as I can say I’ve progressed, I am in need of so much more.

Praise the Lord God Almighty, who fixes us before He opens doors, before He gives us the go signal. You can’t drive without a license, much more without a clue of what the stick shift is for.

Going back to summer this year, I’ve been immersed in a very powerful and eye-opening experience, and encounter with Jesus. Everything turns around, literally. It’s not just a hangover, it’s a lifestyle. Every bit of what He did will give you a makeover that’s a hundredfold better than the ones on television.

But even if there are rewards and blessings that immediately pour out, there are some that need time. Personally, God’s been beefing up my patience, because that’s absolutely where it all roots. Even if I would have been so hyped up over “going forth and making disciples of every nation”, Abba would tap my shoulder and put me somewhere just as exhilarating, but on my level of comprehension.

Over the six months, I’ve grown so much, I’ve realized that it was only this year that I truly lived for Jesus, despite having Him in my heart for about five years now. I had the faith, but no action. This time, I hit home.

Okay! Now what happened today? Well, the Korean class I wanted so bad this year got soaked in prayer and soaked in my tears. Truly the Lord was with me all this time – and He always is! – but it’s me who caves in first and become like Thomas – the doubter. Such a conviction, such rebuke in me whenever He does His thing. I’m always left in awe, and it refreshes my fire for Him.

After weeks of praying and claiming these promises in Scripture – I tell you, take note of these and pray in Jesus name, claiming these. God will never let you down.

But wait just a minute, it’s not all Him. Jesus goes 90%, you do the 10%. That’s just a small step forward, but it will accomplish the goal. You have to walk on water because Jesus is already there, waiting and will catch you.

Bottom line, i had last minute jitters and that pint-sized demon of doubt was tugging at my sleeve, but I brushed Him off, and the whole time I was being assessed and helped, I was praying, non-stop.

By the way, one part of today amazed me. Because the first time I enlisted, the guy who was helping me said there was no way I could get the class because my reasons were not valid (it was selfish.) But I told God that I would make the most out of it, that if I got it, I will be excellent for Him, because He helped me throughout the semester, especially with those subjects I didn’t really like. So what more if I walked on water with the subject I enjoyed?

Truly, the Lord was gracious and I felt His hand, His Spirit and Abundance upon me as I spoke to the registration people and celebrated in my head as I walked over to the building where I would print out my assessment form – a contract that would mean I have successfully enlisted, and had gotten that class I wanted so bad. Praise the Lord God Almighty for whom without I wouldn’t have been able to get this.

Even with faith as small as a mustard seed, you can tell that mountain to jump into the sea. (Matthew 17:20, 21:21)

When we have Jesus, we have an awesome Daddy up there who cares and will never let you down no matter what.

Walk on water not because you have the power to, but because you have the faith to.



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