[NP#4] Linger (The Unofficial OST)

I was browsing through my iTunes and I formulated my own OST for Linger. There were some songs that really fit into the circumstances and personalities of the characters, and it made me smile. I’ve made a mental note to listen to the songs whenever I reread it.

The chapters noted are just suggested chapters you would pair the song with, but you can also just play the full playlist regardless of whatever chapter you’re on, because you’re bound to associate the songs with chapters anyway.


(It’s on an “Artist – track name” format)

1 Lights – The Listening (Chapter 6: Grace and Isabel stroll into the snowy woods, finding something that surprises them)

2 New Heights – Peaches (Chapter 4: Sam and Grace, talking about Resolutions, life and the future)

3 Paramore – Monster (Chapter 4344: Victor’s wolf body shot by Mr Culpepeper; Cole apologizing and mourning over his best friend)

4 The Script – The Man Who Can’t be Moved (Sam during the times he was alone, when Grace was grounded)

5 Dashboard Confessional – Stolen (Chapter 39: Grace at Beck’s house, waiting for Sam; she and Sam seeing each other)

6 Goo Goo Dolls – Better Days (Chapter 51-54: Where Sam had to decide if Grace was to be bitten; when she had been reinfected; when she was led to escape as a wolf; when Sam promise he’d find her)

7 John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift – Half of My Heart (Chapter 14-16: Sam and Grace going home; both of them in Grace’s bed, then getting caught by Grace’s parents; Sam being sent out and reprimanded by Grace’s dad; Sam alone at Beck’s house)

8 Jonathan Clay – Hello Goodbye (Chapter 12 & 16: Isabel and Cole meeting for the first time; Isabel wanting more of Cole)

9 Katharine McPhee – Terrified (Grace grounded, thinking about Sam and their future.)

10 Faber Drive – Tongue Tied (Chapter 34: Isabel and Cole at the diner, getting to know each other; both being honest and earnest with each other)

11 Freestyle – Slow (Chapter 36: Isabel wanting to drop everything and just get Cole; Cole refuses saying he doesn’t want to hurt Isabel)

12 Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis – Cruisin (Chapter 31: Grace and Sam driving to the studio for the five hours recording time Grace gave as a present to Sam for his birthday.)

13 Zebrahead – Rescue Me (Chapter 46-48: Grace’s condition at its worst, they have to take her to the hospital.)

14 Varsity Fanclub – Bad Habit (This could actually be Isabel’s ‘theme’ for her and Cole’s “relationship”)

15 Train – Marry Me (Chapter 13: Sam’s birthday and Grace goes to the Bookstore to celebrate; they go up to the loft and eat birthday sandwiches and Sam is given his present)

16 Stephen Speaks – Passenger Seat (Chapter 37: Driving back home from Duluth; Sam talking to a sleepy and tired Grace)

17 Story of the Year – Anthem of our Dying Day (Chapter 40: Grace decided to leave home, to be with Sam; she was tired of the control of her parents.)