[18] Linger by Maggie Stiefvater: A Book Review

“We are not allowed to linger, even with what is most intimate.” – Rainer Maria Rilke



I’ve just finished a book worthy to be blogged about. It’s a splendid read – no overreactions. I do have to disclaim that I have not read the first installment of this trilogy. It’s not a loss, I guess, because this second book I’ve read can stand alone. I’ve gotten a grasp of the storyline and of the characters – even though some of them I have to look into, because their backgrounds are a little bleak.

One of the things I like about this book is the incorporation of the arts all throughout. Sam is a musician and his lyrics are scattered in many chapters, most of them enhancing the mood of the current plotline. His affinity for Rilke is such a bonus, because the excerpts from the famed author appears consistently and complements the mood.

I found it very interesting as well, that there are so many insights coming from the males in the story. Although I still haven’t connected well with Sam’s character, my interest was piqued by Cole’s character. His life is a mess worth being delved into. His desire to escape his life does not make me dislike him, it’s actually the other way around. To find out even more why he seeks to escape is one more thing that keeps me hanging onto this story.

There’s so much more to the story than a love story waiting to end happily. It’s a journey, as all stories are, but I believe this one to be different, because of the convergent stories and lives waiting to unfold through different ways. As Sam expresses himself with the help of music and literature, Cole uses his past – his mistakes, his success to tell his tale; Grace and her longing for freedom from her parents and into the arms of Sam, she uses bursts of emotions to show her real repressed nature – far from the responsible and studious Grace that others know; Isabel, whose strength comes from her own weaknesses, from the past hurts and trauma.

The characters are truly stories in themselves, where it isn’t just different points of view, it’s a building block each to the complex story that centers around the Wolves of Mercy Falls.

I am looking forward to finishing the trilogy in due time. I cannot wait any longer and the suspense is killing me.

A/N: I’m glad I picked this book up from the book fair, but I’m even more glad a friend of mine bought it for me. It was very much a surprise, and I can’t thank her enough for it.

The late nights of reading this just to finish it were worth it. I wanted myself to be able to read faster – so much more than the pace I normally read (which is pretty fast), all because I wanted to know what happens. It’s that kind of a thrill that keeps me interested with books like these.




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