Turning Japanese and Turning it All Around.

Our COM100 event has finally and officially ended as of 6:35pm, Wednesday, 5th October 2011.

I’m so proud of everyone, and so happy that we made it through. It was absolutely a breath of fresh air, and a loosened knot in our stomachs. It was a weight lifted off of our shoulders.

On my part, I honestly saw myself more of a light-loaded member? I mean, compared to the tasks you all had to shoulder and do, I don’t have the right to complain.

All the stress and panic that was induced by the requirements proved to be a big wall for us, but you see how much determination comes into play? You guys, I admire you so much for all the work.

Never had I imagined an event of this nature to be superlatively difficult – exaggeration intended. I guess the hardest part is really the start, where you begin from scratch. I know we had nonesuch experience nor education regarding the event planning, but I can say it was good for something first time.

I had sucked in my breath for the whole three days of our event, for fear of something to happen. Praise God, that despite the rains, people flocked to our fair, and regardless of the minor roadblocks along the way, it was a smooth drive to the finish line.

My anxiety dropped when I witnessed the patronage of many, especially our blockmates and close friends. It’s a wonderful feeling to have such people support the event.

It was a risk yeah, and I honestly thought that 10 stalls and three days were just too much. I shouldn’t have doubted. I personally prayed for it, and well, Abba said to let go and trust Him. So we did.

Nothing would’ve been possible without Him.  I can tell you right now that He did so much for our fair, that we got through by His grace. Not our own efforts alone, but God’s awesome power.

I had so much fun with the fair, and my heart was close to exploding becuase of the happiness and utter thrill. I mean, I couldn’t buy as much as I wanted, but really, it was something I will remember.

Guys, that last video we did, I am sure we’ll remember that. We gave real sound advice to our 21 year old selves (haha) and I hope we won’t forget it. I really would like to start something with you guys. Chances to redeem ourselves, and chances to have more fun.


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