[17] BEAST’s I Like You The Best MV (Write-Up)

BEAST – I Like You the Best (니가 제일 좋아) MV

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back with another BEAST related post. This time, it’s about their I Like You the Best MV. Most of you, especially the B2UTYs out there know that an MV version was shown during BEAST Airlines, their concert. I’m only doing this now because I just saw today the Full HQ Version of the MV on my News Feed on Facebook. Since I basically know how the MV goes, it didn’t take me by surprise that much, although the watching experience was better, because there were no screaming fangirls, shaky camera and bad audio this time.

I can actually sum up what I want to say in these four words: I FREAKING LOVE JUNHYUNG.

But no, I want to expand this post and make it a more meaningful read for you guys. Now, what you’ll see here is my take and my side regarding the plotline, which, I must say is impeccable. Cube Entertainment has my respect. They make time for their MVs, and make it as enjoyable for the viewer as possible. This creates an impact as great as the song they’re trying to promote, not only because it may enhance the song, but also it showcases the acting talents and personalities of the artists.

I Like You the Best‘s plotline is fairly simple. Guy and girl are in a relationship, a third party comes and guy immediately becomes jealous. Out of this jealousy, an impulsive reaction would be is to prove that he is the Alpha male, and assume that girl would either fear his authority, or swoon over the masculinity. Now the displacement of emotions are seen in the dance battles – which the plotline uses as a connecting element between the two males involved. This is the medium in which the guys display their strengths. It was a good choice of medium, as dance “battles” are still in the line of safe and advisable censorship. Although they did not make use of the full elements of dance battle – which do include violence at times – it was made up for by Junhyung and his crew ganging up on Gi Kwang. Minor violence going on there – again a show of masculinity. I honestly think that it was cliche, but I did like the twist of Gi Kwang’s personality, that despite him being such a strong dancer onstage, he is portrayed as a nerd who is medication dependent because of a condition (I assume it’s a heart condition, based on the inferences I’ve made, but I might be mistaken). This duality of character however, gave Junhyung all the more reason to dislike him. I don’t know if I am saying this out of bias, but all throughout the MV, I sided with Junhyung. I mean, ever since the MV of Beautiful,  he deserved justice. All he wanted was his girl. In any case, the cliffhanger of Beautiful paved the way for such a twist in I Like You the Best, and it ended quite nicely. As in most hopeful stories, the two guys make-up and loosen the personal tension. Only in the dance to they become competitive, and not over the girl. The realization of Junhyung and his rash actions were simply shown by him discovering something about Gi Kwang. I found it a good resolution, because it didn’t take much time, and yet the details were pretty much clear and straight-to-the-point. It was actually sweet, I must say.

For the minor details, I just found it amusing that Junhyung’s crew consisted of the two most lovable and adorable boys in BEAST – Dongwoon (the maknae) and Yoseob (the visual maknae). I couldn’t take the “beating-up-GiKwang” scene seriously, because Yoseob was just unconsciously adorable, and despite Dongwoon’s strong looks, it still felt like he was such an innocent young man. Their playful personalities were most evident in the classroom setting, and this gave them the ability to be noticed amidst the sea of uniformity in the classroom. I know, it would be absolutely easy to spot them in the classroom, but that added flair to their characters brought them out of the monotonous setting.

You could easily feel the tension whenever it came up. An example would be Hyunseung and JunHyung, in one of the scenes. As calm as their tones were, there was friction between them, and I can safely say, to even those who couldn’t understand exactly what they were conversing about, the overall feel of the scene was enough.

I love JunHyung’s character in the story. It’s such a heartwarming thing for me, that even though he might have had a different motive, his main purpose was just to get his girl back in his arms. He must’ve had the thought of where he lacked. I could rant about the girl, but that isn’t the main point. I’m sure JunHyung’s mysterious and easily misunderstood personality irked her, and thus GiKwang’s presence must have been a breath of fresh air.

I overall loved the MV. It had such a short-film feel to it. Every tense moment I was gripping onto my seat, and I just wanted to call out to JunHyung and tell him that it’s alright. BEAST’s acting was great – although I may not be very credible, I know nothing about the principles of drama – from my perspective. I’m hoping for even more innovative MV pegs in the future. It made me appreciate the song even more, despite the little-to-zero correlation of the song to the MV. I guess that’s how it always goes anyway.

Well that’s it for my write-up about the music video. I want to hear from you, fans and B2UTYs alike, and even non-fans! Watch for yourself and let me know what you think!



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