[15] Fashion and Style: Narrating for SNSD

Today, I just happened to think of going to Soshified Styling* — Soshified’s Fashion arm; It’s every S♥NE’s guide to the outfits, accessories and pretty much everything the nine girls are spotted wearing.

Much of the work attributed to the staff is to identify the outfits and track them down – then label them with prices, variants and places where it can be purchased.

Now this isn’t an easy task, obviously, considering the tedious work they are required to do, plus the qualifications they need to have before even being part of the team. The Styling teams seems to be a good place for aspiring fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts alike. It ‘s a training field for them. They need to be able to know the brands of clothing, bags, shoes and the like at just one glance. The team seeks for the sharpest of eyes – not that I know of the exact qualifications – but just by looking at an article on (say for example) Yuri at the Cosmopolitan photoshoot the staff knows exactly what the specific brand of the small clutch she was holding – and the small purse wasn’t even that visible.

I commend the stylist staff in their work, not only for the ID-ing that they often do, but even the write-ups and reviews on a certain outfit. It’s a difficult thing to write about the girls’ outfits, with regards to describing the overall look and peg. I’m saying that it is difficult, for me as a writer who knows naught about the proper diction and usage of words for such a nature of an article.

Maybe one of these days I’ll try to post a trial article on Soshi fashion. It definitely won’t be up to par with the Styling staff’s works, but then again, trying won’t hurt anyone.





*Author’s Note: I am not affiliated with Soshified Styling nor was I asked to promote them in any way. I am an independent writer and it just so happens that this topic has piqued my interest.

I independently suggest to visit Soshi Styling, with no other motives but to give you more proof on their work and work they put into the site.

As much of a suck up I may seem to sound, I assure you, I am but an ordinary S♥NE who loves to write. I’m part of Soshified, but only as a member.

http://www.soshified.com or http://www.soshified.com/forums


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